20 Best DIY Graduation Gifts Ideas

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Have you ever wondered how to make someone feel special during their graduation? Well, you can do it simply with a meaningful gift. Remember that DIY graduation gifts speak volumes about your admiration and best wishes for the graduate. Moreover, they’ll undoubtedly cherish that gift for years to come.

Why settle for ordinary gifts when you can create something extraordinary with your own hands? This guide will explore 20 brilliant ideas for graduation gifts to make any graduate happy. So, are you ready to embark on a creative journey that combines your heartfelt sentiments with the joy of crafting?

Let’s delve into the world of graduation gifts equipped with the right tools and materials. This way, you can craft a token of celebration that’ll make your graduate’s big day even more special.


Let us first look at the supplies you’ll need while creating the DIY gifts for graduates.


Before we get into the gift ideas, let’s ensure you have the tools to embark on your DIY journey.

  • Scissors: Essential for cutting various materials.
  • Glue Gun: To securely attach elements.
  • Craft Knife: For precision cutting.
  • Paintbrushes: If you plan to paint your creation.
  • Needle and Thread: Useful for fabric-based gifts.
  • Pliers: Handy for jewellery or wire projects.
  • Cutting Mat: Protect your surfaces while cutting.


The materials you choose will largely depend on the gift you create. Common materials include:

  • Cardstock: Great for making cards and papercrafts.
  • Fabric: Ideal for sewing or personalized items.
  • Wood: For creating custom signs or decorations.
  • Glass or Ceramics: To personalize mugs or plates.
  • Jewellery Supplies: Beads, wire, and clasps for jewellery.
  • Paints and Markers: To add artistic touches.
  • Photographs: Use cherished memories in your gift.

20 Ideas for DIY Graduation Gifts

Here are some of the best DIY gift ideas for graduates:

1. Customized Photo Album

20 Ideas for DIY Graduation Gifts

Create a personalized photo album

You can compile photos from the graduate’s school years and give them a customized photo album.

2. Personalized Jewelry

20 Ideas for DIY Graduation Gifts

Make custom jewellery

You can create a unique necklace or bracelet by using pearls and beads.

3. Inspirational Quote Canvas

20 Ideas for DIY Graduation Gifts

Create a motivational quote canvas

You can paint a canvas with a motivating message for your loved one.

4. Decorative Mason Jars

20 Ideas for DIY Graduation Gifts

Decorate mason jars

You can decorate a mason jar and fill it with candy, office supplies, or small mementoes.

5. Handcrafted Graduation Cards

20 Ideas for DIY Graduation Gifts

Make a graduation card

You can show your creativity in a heartfelt message written on a beautiful graduation card.

6. Memory Quilt

20 Ideas for DIY Graduation Gifts

Prepare a memory quilt

You can sew old t-shirts or uniforms together to form a heart-touching memory quilt.

7. Custom Map Art

20 Ideas for DIY Graduation Gifts

Prepare a memory map

You can prepare a custom map art in which you can highlight the graduate’s hometown or university.

8. Personalized Keychains

20 Ideas for DIY Graduation Gifts

Make personalized keychains

You can give the graduate a personalized keychain with their name engraved or a special message.

9. DIY Diploma Frame

20 Ideas for DIY Graduation Gifts

Create a diploma frame

You can make a unique frame for their certificate on your own.

10. Homemade Candle

20 Ideas for DIY Graduation Gifts

Prepare DIY candles

You can make fragrant candles for your loved ones.

11. Embroidered Towels

20 Ideas for DIY Graduation Gifts

Prepare embroidered towels

You can do embroidery on towels and add the graduate’s initials or a funny quote.

12. Colourful Bookmarks

20 Ideas for DIY Graduation Gifts

Make bookmarks

You can craft beautiful and personalized bookmarks for their books.

13. Hand-Painted Flower Pots

20 Ideas for DIY Graduation Gifts

Gift hand-painted flower pots

You can give the graduate a hand-painted flower pot that’ll be perfect for their new dorm or apartment.

14. Stylish Tassel Earrings

20 Ideas for DIY Graduation Gifts

Prepare handmade earrings

You can create attractive handmade earrings with a touch of graduation flair.

15. Custom Graduation Cap

Custom Cap

Make a graduation cap

You can prepare a decorated graduation cap to commemorate the day.

16. Mini decorative vases

Mini decorative vases

Design small vases

You can design and colour mini vases that will add to the beauty of your home.

17. Homemade Cookies in a Jar

Homemade Cookies in a Jar

Prepare cookies in a jar

You can bake delicious homemade cookies and give them to the graduates in a beautiful jar.

18. Chalkboard Sign

Chalkboard Sign

Make a chalkboard sign

You can design or write a special message on a chalkboard.

19. Embroidered Handkerchief

Embroidered Handkerchief

Prepare an embroidered handkerchief

You can do embroidery on a handkerchief for sentimental moments.

20. DIY Photo Collage

DIY Photo Collage

Prepare a photo collage

You can create a visual journey of their school years with photos of some special moments.


When crafting DIY graduation gifts, remember the following recommendations:

  1. Make the gift unique to the graduate’s personality and interests.
  2. It’s better to create one exceptional gift than several mediocre ones.
  3. Start early to avoid last-minute stress.
  4. DIY gifts can be cost-effective, but expenses can add up.
  5. Allow ample time to complete your project with care.
  6. Package your gift beautifully to enhance the recipient’s experience.

Things to Remember

As you embark on your DIY graduation gift journey, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Handmade gifts are special because of their unique imperfections.
  2. Enjoy the process of creating something meaningful.
  3. Make sure your gift carries heartfelt messages.
  4. Use sealants or fixatives when necessary to preserve your creation.
  5. Tailor your gift to the graduate’s aspirations and dreams.

The DIY graduation gifts can make your special ones feel loved. So, choose which gift you want to prepare for them and start working on it.

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