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Ensuring your chickens are well-fed isn’t just a chore; it’s a fundamental part of their health and productivity. Whether you’re an experienced chicken keeper or new to raising poultry, DIY chicken feeders offer a cost-effective and tailored solution. This article will explore 20 innovative DIY chicken feeder ideas to satisfy your feathered friends. These feeders combine functionality with creativity, making them a perfect addition to any coop.


Before diving into the projects, let’s take a quick look at the supplies you’ll need:


  • Screwdriver
  • Saw
  • Pliers
  • Drill
  • Hammer


  • PVC pipes
  • Wood planks
  • Plastic containers
  • Metal buckets
  • PVC fittings

Step-by-Step Guide to Making

Creating your DIY chicken feeders can be rewarding and tailored to your flock’s unique needs. Let’s explore 20 different ideas for crafting these essential additions to your coop:

Idea 1: PVC Pipe Feeder

Cut a 4-inch PVC pipe to your desired length to create a PVC pipe feeder. Drill feeding ports for your chickens and attach end caps. Mount the feeder at an appropriate height in your coop for easy access.

20 DIY Chicken Feeder Ideas

PVC Pipe Feeder

Idea 2: Bucket Feeder

For a bucket feeder, drill holes in the base of a plastic bucket. Fill it with feed and hang it securely in your coop, ensuring it’s at the right height for your chickens to reach the feed.

20 DIY Chicken Feeder Ideas

Bucket Feeder

Idea 3: Trough Feeder

To create a trough feeder, use wood planks to construct a trough shape. Attach legs for stability and fill them with chicken feed, providing ample space for your flock to access their meals.

20 DIY Chicken Feeder Ideas

Trough Feeder

Idea 4: PVC Elbow Feeder

Constructing a PVC elbow feeder involves using PVC elbows to create a U-shaped feeding apparatus. Securely mount it on a wall or post within your chicken coop or run. Ensure the feeder is appropriate for your chickens to access their feed comfortably.

20 DIY Chicken Feeder Ideas

PVC Elbow Feeder

Idea 5: PVC Tee Feeder

To make a PVC tee feeder, assemble a PVC tee fitting with an upright pipe. Fill the top section with chicken feed, allowing it to flow into the tray below. Securely mount the feeder at the right height for your chickens.

20 DIY Chicken Feeder Ideas

PVC Tee Feeder

Idea 6: Platform Feeder

Craft a wooden platform with slats and scatter feed for your chickens to peck at. This design minimizes waste and offers a simple feeding solution.

20 DIY Chicken Feeder Ideas

Platform Feeder

Idea 7: Glass Jar Feeder

Attach a glass jar with a dispenser to a wooden base. As chickens peck at the feed, it flows from the dispenser, providing easy access.

20 DIY Chicken Feeder Ideas

Glass Jar Feeder

Idea 8: Automatic Feeder

Create a gravity-fed system using PVC pipes. Adjust the flow rate by altering the angle of the pipe. As chickens consume the feed in the tray, more automatically flows down, ensuring a consistent supply.

20 DIY Chicken Feeder Ideas

Automatic Feeder

Idea 9: Hanging Dispenser

Use a plastic container with a small hole at the base for a hanging dispenser. Suspend it securely within your coop or run. Fill the container with chicken feed, and as your chickens peck, feed dispenses through the small hole, providing easy access.

20 DIY Chicken Feeder Ideas

Hanging Dispenser

Idea 10: Rainproof Feeder

Craft a rainproof feeder using PVC or wood. Ensure the roof covers the feed to keep it dry in rainy weather. Securely position the feeder in your coop to provide sheltered access.

20 DIY Chicken Feeder Ideas

Rainproof Feeder

Idea 11: PVC Pipe Trough

Construct a trough feeder by cutting a PVC pipe lengthwise and attaching brackets for stability. Mount it securely to provide a clean and easily accessible feeding area.

20 DIY Chicken Feeder Ideas

PVC Pipe Trough

Idea 12: PVC Pipe Tower Feeder

Create a tower feeder by stacking PVC pipes vertically and filling each section with chicken feed. Ensure the tower is stable and secure to maximize feeding space and minimize waste.

20 DIY Chicken Feeder Ideas

PVC Pipe Tower Feeder

Idea 13: Chicken Feeding Station

Design a feeding station with separate compartments. Fill each compartment with specific feed types, allowing you to manage different dietary requirements within your flock.

Chicken Feeding Station

Chicken Feeding Station

Idea 14: Recycled Tire Feeder

Use a recycled tire as a feeder by placing it on its side and filling it with chicken feed. Ensure the tire is securely positioned within your coop or run to provide ample feeding space.

Idea 15: Fence-Mounted Feeder

Attach a wooden trough to a fence within your chicken coop or run to create a fence-mounted feeder. Ensure that the trough is secure and level. Fill it with chicken feed; this design allows convenient access while saving floor space within your coop.

Fence-Mounted Feeder

Fence-Mounted Feeder

Idea 16: Hanging Hopper Feeder

Craft a hanging hopper feeder by suspending a wooden hopper from above. As chickens peck at the feed in the tray below, more flows down from the hopper for efficient and mess-free feeding.

Hanging Hopper Feeder

Hanging Hopper Feeder

Idea 17: PVC Pipe Spiral Feeder

Make a spiral feeder by arranging PVC pipes horizontally in a spiral pattern. Fill them with feed, and as chickens peck at one section, more flow down. Securely anchor the spiral feeder for continuous access.

PVC Pipe Spiral Feeder

PVC Pipe Spiral Feeder

Idea 18: Chicken Picnic Table Feeder

Design a chicken picnic table feeder, providing feed at the center. Ensure stability within your coop, allowing your chickens to enjoy their meals while perched on the miniature table.

Chicken Picnic Table Feeder

Chicken Picnic Table Feeder

Idea 19: Dual Compartment Feeder

Build a feeder with two separate compartments for different feeds. Create dividers to keep feeds separate, ideal for managing various dietary needs within your flock.

Dual Compartment Feeder

Dual Compartment Feeder

Idea 20: Suspended PVC Pipe Feeder

Make a suspended PVC pipe feeder by hanging PVC pipes horizontally from an overhead point. Fill them with feed, and your chickens can access it from below. Ensure secure suspension for convenient feeding.

Suspended PVC Pipe Feeder

Suspended PVC Pipe Feeder



Before diving into crafting your DIY chicken feeders, it’s important to consider some key recommendations to ensure that your feathered friends are well-fed and healthy:

  1. Maintenance and Hygiene: Maintaining your DIY feeders is crucial to your chickens’ health. Regularly inspect and clean them to prevent contamination and the growth of mold or harmful bacteria.
  2. Preventing Waste: Preventing feed wastage is not only cost-effective but also eco-friendly. Secure your feeders to prevent chickens from tipping them over, and monitor feed levels to provide just enough feed without overfilling.
  3. Material Safety: Ensure that the materials you use for your DIY feeders are safe and durable for your chickens. Avoid materials that might rust, rot, or pose any potential harm to your flock, promoting the longevity and safety of your feeders.

Things to Remember

As you embark on your DIY chicken feeder projects, there are several important factors to keep in mind to ensure the well-being of your flock:

  • Regularly inspect and clean your feeders to maintain hygiene.
  • Adjust the feeder height to accommodate your chickens’ size.
  • Keep feeders in shaded areas to prevent overheating of feed.
  • Secure feeders to prevent tipping and waste.
  • Choose materials that are durable and safe for chickens.

In summary, DIY chicken feeder provide practicality, customization, and a deeper connection to your flock. So, whether you’re an experienced DIY enthusiast or a beginner looking to personalize your chicken-keeping experience, these 20 DIY chicken feeder ideas offer something for everyone. When selecting a feeder, consider your flock’s size, local climate, and creative preferences. As you embark on this DIY adventure, you’ll enhance your chickens’ well-being and strengthen the bond between you and your feathered companions. Happy crafting and even happier chicken-keeping!

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