5 Easy Crafts To Make Out Of Paper

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Paper crafts are a delightful and accessible way to express your creativity. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a beginner looking for a fun and simple project, paper crafts are perfect for you. In this DIY guide, we’ll explore five easy and charming paper crafts that you can create with minimal supplies. These projects are not only enjoyable but also serve as great decor or thoughtful handmade gifts. Let’s dive into the world of paper crafting and discover the joy of turning simple sheets into beautiful creations.


Before we start our creative journey, let’s gather the necessary supplies. Here’s a quick overview of the tools and materials you’ll need:


  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Colored markers


  • Colored and patterned paper
  • Cardstock
  • Craft glue
  • Ribbons
  • Buttons

Now that we have our supplies ready let’s explore five engaging paper craft projects step by step.

Step-by-Step Guide For 5 Easy Crafts To Make Out Of Paper

1. Paper Flowers

5 Easy Crafts To Make Out Of Paper

Paper flowers

  • Choose vibrant coloured paper for your flowers.
  • Cut the paper into circles of various sizes.
  • Fold each circle in half, then in half again.
  • Apply glue to the folded edges and stack the circles, creating layers.
  • Once glued together, open up the layers to form a beautiful paper flower.

2. Paper Quilling Art

5 Easy Crafts To Make Out Of Paper

Quilling art

  • Roll the quilling strips using the quilling tool.
  • Shape the rolled strips into various designs like flowers, hearts, or abstract patterns.
  • Glue the quilled shapes onto a piece of cardstock.
  • Experiment with different colours to create visually appealing combinations.
  • Frame your quilling art for a personalized wall decor piece.

3. Origami Animals

5 Easy Crafts To Make Out Of Paper

Origami animals

  • Choose your favourite origami animal design.
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions to fold the paper into the desired shape.
  • Add details with coloured markers to enhance the features.
  • Create a collection of origami animals for a charming display.
  • Experiment with different paper sizes and colours for a diverse set.

4. Paper Mache Bowls

Paper Mache Bowls

Mache bowl

  • Inflate a balloon to the desired size for your bowl.
  • Cut newspaper into strips. Dip them into a mixture of craft glue and water.
  • Layer the strips onto the balloon, creating a sturdy structure.
  • Let it dry.
  • Once done, pop the balloon.
  • Paint your paper mache bowl in vibrant colors for a unique and functional piece.

5. Greeting Cards with Pop-Up Elements

Greeting Cards with Pop-Up Elements

Greetings card

  • Fold the cardstock in half to create the base of your card.
  • Cut colored paper into shapes for your pop-up elements.
  • Attach the pop-up elements inside the card using craft glue.
  • Decorate the card with additional drawings or messages using markers.
  • Surprise your loved ones with a personalized pop-up greeting card.


  • Experiment with different paper textures and patterns for added visual interest.
  • Personalize each craft with your unique touches to make them truly one-of-a-kind.
  • Encourage creativity by involving friends or family in crafting sessions.

Things to Remember

  • Take your time and enjoy the process of creating these paper crafts.
  • Store completed projects in a cool, dry place to ensure their longevity.

Begin this paper crafting adventure, and let your imagination soar as you turn simple materials into delightful works of art. Happy crafting!

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