5 Garden Boxes DIY Ideas And Plans

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Do you feel bored when you step into your garden as it doesn’t have anything fascinating? Is it that you want to give your backyard an interesting makeover but don’t know how? If yes, garden boxes DIY ideas are all you need, and you are good to go.

Imagine how great it would feel to have a well-decorated garden. You can sip your evening tea sitting there, enjoying the view of your handmade garden boxes. The best part is that you can create these boxes without making your wallet empty.

Today, we have 5 amazing garden box DIY ideas for you. We won’t just give you the ideas but will guide you through how you can make them as well. So, are you ready to make your garden look like heaven on earth? If yes, let’s get started!


Let us first make you familiar with the supplies needed for this DIY project.


Before diving into the world of DIY garden boxes, gather these essential tools:

  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Measuring tape
  • A sturdy pair of gloves


You need to collect the given materials as well before working on the DIY project:

5 Garden Boxes DIY Ideas And Plans

Now, let us move to the main part and have a look at some garden boxes DIY ideas that you can work on.

1. Elevated Herb Garden

5 Garden Boxes DIY Ideas And Plans

Elevated garden box

Raise your gardening game by constructing an elevated herb garden box. Cut four equal-sized wooden legs and attach them to the base to achieve the desired height. Divide the box into smaller sections for various herbs, ensuring easy access to each flavour enhancer.

2. Tiered Flower Bed

5 Garden Boxes DIY Ideas And Plans

Tiered garden box

Embrace dimensionality with a tiered flower bed garden box. Create multiple levels by attaching stacked wooden frames, allowing for a dynamic display of flowers. Ensure proper drainage by drilling holes in each level, maintaining the health of your blossoms.

3. Vegetable Crate Combo

Vegetable Crate Combo

Garden boxes made with wooden crates

Merge functionality and aesthetics by repurposing wooden crates into a versatile vegetable garden box. Arrange the crates in a visually appealing layout, providing designated spaces for different veggies. Fill each crate with nutrient-rich soil for a bountiful harvest.

4. Mobile Garden Cart

Mobile Cart

Mobile garden box

Add mobility to your gardening experience with a DIY mobile garden cart. Attach sturdy wheels to the base, allowing you to move your garden to catch the optimal sunlight effortlessly. Include storage compartments for gardening tools, maximizing convenience.

5. Rain Gutter Succulent Planter

Rain Gutter Succulent Planter

Garden bed made with rain gutters

Embrace an innovative approach with a garden box made from repurposed rain gutters. Attach rain gutters to a wooden frame, creating individual compartments for succulents. Ensure proper drainage by drilling small holes at the base of each gutter, preventing waterlogged soil.


  1. Paint your garden boxes to match your outdoor aesthetics.
  2. Research the specific needs of your chosen plants to ensure a thriving garden.
  3. Keep an eye on soil moisture and perform routine checks to address any issues promptly.

Things to Remember

  1. Always wear protective gear, including gloves and safety goggles, to prevent accidents.
  2. Apply a weather-resistant finish to your garden boxes to enhance durability.
  3. Ensure proper ventilation for the soil to prevent root diseases and promote healthy plant growth.

We hope that you loved all the above-mentioned garden boxes DIY ideas. All of them will add to the overall beauty of your outdoor space. So, wait no more; choose one and begin working on it.

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