5 Simple Propose Day Decoration Ideas You Can Do At Hotel

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Get ready to sweep your partner off their feet this Propose Day with these 5 simple and charming decoration ideas you can easily create at a hotel. Whether you’re planning a grand gesture or a cozy and intimate proposal, these DIY décor ideas for 2023 will set the perfect stage for your special moment. Let your creativity shine as you transform the hotel room into a romantic haven that will leave your partner speechless.

List of basic Propose Day decoration ideas you can do at the hotel:

1. Pot


  • Jar
  • Shells
  • Roses
  • Candle

Step 1: Take an empty glass jar. Fill the shells in their lower half.
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Step 2: Pour some water.

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Step 3: Now, fill the water balls in it. Now pour some more water into the neck of the jar.

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Step 4: Now, place some roses or petals on it.

Step 5: Now, place a cute little candle on it and light it up.

2.Rose petal décor


  • Rose petals
  • Candles
  • Chalk

Step 1: Draw a path from the door to the bed with the help of the chalk. Then put rose petals in place.

Step 2: Now, place the candle near both the rose petal lines at some distance and light up the candles.

Image source

3. Fancy tree branch filled with hearts

To give your room a romantic touch, you can prepare this romantic vase with a fancy tree branch filled with hearts and place it in your room.


  • Wasted tree branches
  • Craft paper (better if red colored)
  • Glue
  • Fancy thread

Step 1: Take a waste branch. Cover the end with tape properly.

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Step 2: Now, cut out the hearts of different sizes. Try to keep them small.


Step 3: Now, take a fancy thread. Take the thread and glue hearts on both sides of the end of the thread. Make similar hearts connected with thread on one end.


Step 4: Now, tie these hearts to the different stems of the branch.

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Step 5: Now, place it in a fancy vase. Or you can prepare a vase yourself.

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4. Decorate your room with heart-shaped balloons

To give your room a honeymoon touch, you can decorate your room with heart-shaped balloons.


  • Heart-shaped balloons (white and red)
  • Pup (to fill the balloons)
  • Love balloon
  • Candles, as shown in the below images
  • Rose petals
  • Roses

Step 1: Take lots of white and red heart-shaped balloons.

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Step 2: Fill a love-shaped balloon.

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Step 3: Make a heart around the love balloon.

love-Propose Day Decoration  love-Propose Day Decoration

Step 4: Tie three balloons together to prepare at least six sets and decorate them, as shown below.

A picture containing wall, decoration-Propose Day Decoration

Step 5: Now, decorate your side table. Make a heart from the rose petals. And place the candles around the heart and at the corners of the table. Place the roses at the side of the heart.

A picture containing heart-Propose Day Decoration

Step 6: Light the candles and spread the balloons around the table. 

A picture containing heart-Propose Day Decoration

Step 7: Place the lights around the balloons on the wall that you previously decorated to give it a beautiful look.

Propose Day Decoration

Image source

5. Candle bowl

To give a honeymoon touch to your room, you can make a bowl filled with roses and lights. Gather up the supplies mentioned below and get started.


  • Candles
  • Small glasses
  • Glass bowl
  • Fresh roses
  • Colored Beads

Steps to make a romantic candle bowl:

Step 1: Take a glass bowl. And fill it with different colored beads.

A picture containing pearls-Propose Day Decoration

Step 2: Fill the bowl with water.

A picture containing pearsl-Propose Day Decoration

Step 3: Place 5 or 6 roses over it.

A picture containing rose Propose Day Decoration

Step 4: Now, place a Diya or candle at the center. And you can place small candles in the small glasses and keep them around the bowl.

A picture containing rose-Propose Day Decoration

Image source


Make your proposal unforgettable with these DIY decoration ideas for your hotel room on Propose Day. From enchanting lighting arrangements to personalized touches, these simple yet heartfelt décor ideas will create an atmosphere of love and anticipation. Set the stage for your declaration of love and create a moment you will cherish forever. Let these décor ideas be the perfect backdrop to your heartfelt proposal, making this Propose Day a truly memorable occasion.

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