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This particular coding project to create a Blood Bank Management System in C++ helps us to manage blood donations through Blood Bank and to implement the functionalities like donor registration, hospital ID, expiry date, blood requisition and discarding of unsuitable blood.



As far as the objective of building this Blood Bank Management System in C++ is concerned, it provides the following:

  • Detailed information about the process of blood donation, starting from the registration to the blood sample delivery.
  • Only legitimate access to the database. That is, no unwanted user can make specific changes in the database.
  • Privacy and security for customers’ data.


The following are the requirements to build this Blood Bank Management system in C++:

Source Code

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Final Output

Blood bank Management System in C++


Explanation of The Code

1. This C++ coding project consists of various classes like donor, hospital, blood packet, blood bank, etc. Each and every class has its own member functions and objects to implement the necessary functionalities.

2. In the main function, we have created option based system using switch statements where the user will see the different options on the screen, and according to the option entered by the user, necessary operations will be performed.

3. Each and every function is responsible for implementing necessary functionalities and has different logic of how the work will be done accordingly.

Hospital Class

Hospital class Blood blank system

Donor Class

Donor Class For Blood Bank System Code

Blood Bank and Blood Packet Class

Blood Bank and Blood Packet Class Code

Main Function

Blood Bank Management System In C++ | C++ Project


This Blood Bank Management System in C++ acts as a helping hand for blood bank and hospitals to manage the supply of blood packets and maintain the data of the users who donate blood and even the one who takes blood from the blood banks. It is a fast and static C++ application that reduces manpower and creates a stable workflow.

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