Blur An Image Using OpenCV Library In Python

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Introduction of the Project

OpenCV refers to Open source Computer Vision. It is a library that helps in performing various tasks related to image processing and computer vision tasks. So, today, we are going to implement one such project using its function to blur an image. So let’s see this Python Program to blur an image using OpenCV Library.

The images can be blurred with different techniques using the python OpenCV module, namely:

1. The Averaging,

2. The Gaussian Blurring,

3. The Media Blurring and

4. The Bilateral blurring.



1. Python 3.9 interpreter and IDLE

2. OpenCV library must be preinstalled on your PC

3. HD image to test the code.

Steps To Blur An Image Using OpenCV Library In Python

Step 1: Windows: Open Command Prompt and type

 macOS: Open Terminal and type

pip install opencv-python

Step 2: Paste the below source code into your editor/IDE.

Source Code

# Import computer vision module
import cv2

# Load the original image
image = cv2.imread('videos/hdimage.jpg')

# Resize the image
img = cv2.resize(image, (500, 600))

# To show original image
cv2.imshow('Original Image', img)

# To blur the image
bimage = cv2.blur(image, (20, 20))

# Resize the image
img = cv2.resize(bimage, (500, 600))

# To display the blurred image
cv2.imshow('Blurred Image', img)

# To save the blurred image

# Waits for a pressed key

Explanation Of The Code

In the beginning, we imported the OpenCV module.

1. At first, we are loading the original image from the file using imread() function.

2. Then, we resize the image using resize function.

3. Now, we have used imshow() function to show the image.

4. Then, we use the blur function, which blurs an image using the normalised box filter.

5. Again, we are resizing and displaying the burred image using resize and imshow() function.

6. Now, to save the blurred image, we are using imwrite() function.

7. In the end, we are using waitkey() function, which ensures the display of images till we press any key.


After successfully running this code to Blur An Image Using OpenCV Library In Python, the original image and its blurred image are shown below.

Blur An Image Using OpenCV Library In Python

Things to Remember 

  • Install the OpenCV module prior to pasting the code.
  • Write the name of the modules in lowercase only.
  • Set the path of the image according to your image path.


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