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Introduction of the Project

In this C++ coding tutorial, we will learn how to develop a simple car rental system with C++. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced C programmer, this step-by-step tutorial will provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to create a system that can handle all aspects of car rentals.

Before we begin, let’s grasp the fundamental concept of a car rental system. A car rental system is designed to streamline the process of renting vehicles to customers. It involves managing vehicle inventory, customer reservations, bookings, payments, and other related functionalities. Our goal is to create a software solution that automates these processes, enabling a seamless and user-friendly experience for both rental agencies and customers.



1. To streamline the process of selecting and confirming car booking. In this car rental system, we will give the users options for selecting a car, choosing the model and color of the car, and finally paying the required amount for renting the car.

2.  To create a fully automated interface that is very easy and convenient for the users.


To run this car rental system with C++ project, you must have the following prerequisites.

1. Basic knowledge of C++ programming concepts

2. IDE for running and compiling the C++ source code: Dev C++, Code Blocks, or VS code is recommended for a better experience.

3. Windows 10 operating system (or any latest version)

Code Explanation

Now let us understand the working of the source code for this Car rental system with C++ project.

1. Firstly, we have added different cars with different rents depending upon the type of car. You can easily rent a car by paying the required amount specified as rent for the selected car. You need to provide your required personal details. In the output, the user will also get to know the details about the car that they selected for renting.

2. After that, a structure is defined, and various string arrays are declared, like company, model, color, max-speed, price, date, etc. Another structure for the lease info is declared to store the customer’s personal details like the name, national id, payment account, etc.

3. Next, we have the Menu() function. It displays a list of various options and asks the user to select a particular option from the list. After selecting the desired option, it drives you to the function for the particular option selected.

4. Then, we created a Details() function. This function basically gives the users the liberty to choose from the various car companies, models, colors, max speed, and price. It provides users with a customized choice.

5. The checklease() function is used to check whether the lease payment is greater than the car price. If the condition is correct, then it displays that the “process has been done successfully”; else, it displays “not available”.

6. The user_input() function asks for personal details like the first name, rental amount, national ID, and payment account.

7. Then, we created the main() function. It displays the heading “Simple Car Rental System” and the menu. The user gets a prompt about whether he/she wants to rent the car. According to the selection made by the user, it does the desired operation.

8. Finally, we have the login() function. It asks for the password; if the password entered is correct, then it displays “Access Granted! Welcome To Our System” or else “Access Aborted…Please Try Again!!”


Car Rental System - Login Screen

Car Rental System - Car Selection

Car Rental System - Output Screen

Car Rental System With C++ - Final Output

Source Code

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We have successfully built a Car Rental System with C++. Through this system interface, we can access various cars which we desire to rent and can even choose them on the basis of color, model, rental payment, etc. This is a very simple, automated, and convenient system that helps the user to access numerous cars for rent as per need. This car rental system with C++ has the following functionalities:

  • To provide online service to customers at their convenience.
  • To lessen human error
  • Providing high security and making data handling easy
  • Generating data backup is easy
  • Keeps record properly and safely
  • Helps to rent a car anytime and anywhere
  • Provides transparency to the system

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