Cleaning Effect of HE Laundry Detergent | Science Experiment


In this experiment, we will determine the cleaning effect of HE laundry detergent and determine which type can be used to remove different stains. To perform this experiment, we will create a process to determine the detergent’s cleaning power.


To determine the cleaning effect of HE laundry detergent.


1. We hypothesized that Tide detergent would be most effective in removing stains among all HE laundry detergents.

2. HE detergents stands for High-Efficiency detergents. These detergents can wash clothes in low quantities of water.

Cleaning Effect of HE Laundry Detergent | Science Experiment

HE Detergent


1. Lipstick

2. BBQ Sauce

3. Mustard

4. Wine

5. Shoe Polish

6. Grease

7. Seven shirts

8. Webcam

9. Adobe photoshop

10. Cheer detergent

11. Purex detergent

12. Tide detergent

13. All detergent

14. Wisk detergent

15. Webcam

15. Adobe Photoshop


Step 1: Take seven different shirts.

Step 2: Apply six stains, for instance, shoe polish, lipstick, grease, mustard, BBQ sauce, and wine, to each of the given shirts.

Step 3: Record each stained image with a webcam’s help.

Step 4: Analyze each of the obtained images in Adobe Photoshop.

Step 5: Now, assign one of the detergents from the HE laundry detergent, for instance, Cheer, Tide, Purex, Wisk, Gain, and All, to each of the six stained shirts.

Step 6: Use the last shirt as a controller and wash it using water.

Step 7: Wash the shirts with the assigned detergents.

Step 8: After washing the shirts, take images of each shirt for comparison.

Step 9: Compare the shirts using the images.


1. From the experiment, we observed that the Tide detergents performed average after removing stains, followed by All detergents.

2. Apart from this, Tide was the most effective among all for removing organic stains.

3. All the most effective among all for removing inorganic stains.

4. The worst among all for removing stains was Purex.


1. We found that some detergents were very effective in clearing certain strains while others were not.

2. A general-purpose detergent that does not focus on specific things performed worst in the experiment.

3. Therefore, detergent manufacturers must focus on creating specific fabric or strain-type detergents.

4. To obtain the most accurate result, repeat the experiments on different kinds of fabrics.


1. Repeat the experiment for better results.

2. Record your observation carefully.


In this determination, we determined which HE laundry detergent would be more effective in cleaning strains among the given HE laundry detergents.

Viva Questions With Answers

Q.1 What was the aim of your experiment?

ANS. To determine the effectiveness of HE laundry detergents.

Q.2 Which detergents performed average in cleaning various kinds of strains?

ANS. Tide detergent was the most effective among all HE detergents for cleaning all kinds of strains.

Q.3 Which detergent is the best for cleaning organic stains?

ANS. Tide detergent is the best for cleaning organic strains.

Q.4 Which detergent is the best for cleaning inorganic strains?

ANS. All detergent is the most effective for cleaning organic strains.

Q.5 Which detergent proved the worst at removing strains?

ANS. Purex was ineffective for removing any kind of stains, and it was the worst.


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