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In this Cosmic Ray Shower Array Reconstruction experiment, we will analyze the event of ultra-high-energy cosmic ray showers and determine their energies and apparent direction.


To analyze the event of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays.


1. The high-energy protons and atomic nuclei that move through space with light speed are called cosmic rays.

2. The rays that originate from the primary cosmic ray are called cosmic ray showers.


1. A computer.

2. A web browser that is installed on the computer.

3. Internet connection.

4. Notebook.


Step 1: Open a web browser ( on your computer.

Step 2: Now, open a raw data file that includes a list of sites that are involved in a shower.

Step 3: Create a map grid to represent the site that was being hitten by the cosmic rays.

Step 4: Those sites were hit by cosmic rays shown by color circles.

Step 5: Now, create a graph of the Time map vs. Intensity.

Step 6: With the help of reconstruction software, analyze the data.

Step 7: Open the reconstructor page (rextor) in this software.

Step 8: While comparing these with other sites, instruct the reconstructor to eliminate the accidental hits of cosmic rays.

Step 9: Now, create a Lateral Distribution Function plot.

Step 10: Record your observations.


1. Our data showed that the origin of most of the cosmic rays showers was from the north as well as from the west.

2. We also observed that the number of hits that were not from the west and north region was very close to them.

3. We did not have much data with us to prove our hypothesis.

4. We saw that in the years between 1992 and 2004, most of the cosmic ray showers occurred in the west and north regions.


1. After several months of reconstructing the shower, we had a lot of data. So, for easy access, I loaded all of this data into web pages. The link itself showed the result.

2. The TRG showed where the shower hit the hardest.

3. The date and time of the shower were mentioned above on the site.

4. An example of the shower is (01-04-05 07:07:28 PST UTC: 3187696048 ns: 337624576, trg: MaranathaHS, trms:1.15, theta:36.03, phi:136.89).


1. Make sure your computer has internet connectivity.

2. Record your observation carefully.


In this Cosmic Ray Shower Array Reconstruction experiment, we determined the origin of ultra-high cosmic rays.

VIVA Questions With Answers

Q.1 What was the aim of your experiment?

ANS. To analyze the event of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays.

Q.2 Which region got the most cosmic rays showers?

ANS. The region of the north and west got most of the showers.

Q.3 By whom Cosmic rays showers were discovered?

ANS. Victor Hess discovered the cosmic rays shower in the year 1912.

Q.4 Can cosmic rays harm human beings?

ANS. No. Cosmic rays are low levels of radiation that sometimes reach human beings but don’t harm them.


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