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Today’s experiment is to find the answer to the question: Does a Magnet’s Temperature Affect its strength? Basically, we will be determining whether the strength of a magnet gets affected by its temperature.


To determine the effect of the temperature of the magnet on its strength.


1. The strength of a magnet depends on its size, i.e., the larger magnet has more strength than the smaller magnet.

2. The magnetic strength is measured in Amperes per meter.

Does A Magnet's Temperature Affect Its Strength


1. 10 Magnets of Equal Sizes

2. Dry Ice

3. Lucite Tongs

4. Plastics Bowl

5. 205 Standard 1-size Paper Clips

6. Notebook


Step 1: Test ten magnets of equal sizes under four different temperatures, i.e., boiling, room temperature, frozen, and dry ice.

Step 2: Fill a bowl with 205 paper clips.

Step 3: Lower the affected magnet into the bowl for two seconds using lucite tongs. Tongs are there to deny the effect of body temperature on the magnet, and it also helps in lowering the magnet into the bowl.

Step 4: Count the number of paper clips that got attracted by the magnet.

Step 5: Repeat this experiment with all the affected magnets ten times.

Step 6: Carefully count, record, analyze, and graph a total of 400 trials for the conclusion.


1. From the experiment, we observed that the magnet affected by dry ice attracts most of the paper clips.

2. The Second one was the frozen magnet,

3. The third one was the room-temperature magnet,

4. And, the last came the magnet affected by boiling.


After observing and analyzing the graph, we concluded that a magnet’s strength is affected by its temperature.

VIVA Questions With Answers

Q.1 What was the aim of your experiment?

ANS. To determine that Does a Magnet’s Temperature Affect its strength.

Q.2 Which magnet attracted the most paper clips?

ANS. The magnet, which was affected by dry ice, attracted most paper clips.

Q.3 Which magnet was the least attracter of paper clips?

ANS. The magnet which got affected by boiling attracted fewer paper clips.

Q.4 Does the magnetic strength get affected by its temperature?

ANS. Yes, we proved in our experiment that a magnet’s temperature affects its strength.

Q.5 Where the magnetic strength is stronger in a magnet?

ANS. The magnetic strength is stronger at both poles ( the North pole and the South Pole).


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