Don’t Wanna Have Cold Feet

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In this experiment(Don’t wanna have cold feet), we will be determining the kind of insulation that maintains the temperature of cool water and warm water for a longer time.


To find the best insulator for warm and hot water.


1. The material which protects water from losing heat, is termed a hot water insulator.

2. The material which protects water from gaining heat from the surrounding, is termed a cold water insulator.


1. Six identical jars,

2. Hot water,

3. Notebook,

4. Coldwater,

5. Foam,

6. Resin-Bonded Rockwool,

7. Cellulose,

8. Insulated glass,

9. Wood chips.


Step 1: Take six identical jars.

Step 2: Wrap five of these with insulation materials (foam, Resin-Bonded Rockwool, cellulose, insulated glass, wood chips). Leave the sixth jar unwrapped. It will work as a control.

Step 3: Heat water up to 92 degrees Celsius.

Step 4: Pour equal amounts of water into each of these jars.

Step 5: Record the change in temperature every five minutes for forty-five minutes.

Step 6: Repeat this process three times.

Step 7: Cool the water to forty degrees celsius.

Step 8: Pour equal amounts of cooled water into each of the other six jars.

Step 9: Record the change in temperature every five minutes for forty-five minutes.

Step 10: Repeat the process with cold water three times.

Step 11: Record your observations.


1. The jar, which was insulated with foam, did not change much. Foam works more as a cold insulating material.

2. Resin-Bonded Rockwood was the best insulator for both hold and cold water.

3. Wood chips had the least insulative capability.


We found that the foam and the resin-bonded rockwood worked as the best insulative material.


1. Equal amounts of water should be present in each of the six jars.

2. Record your observation precisely.


In this experiment, we studied different insulative materials and their effect on hot and cold water.

Viva questions with answers

Q.1 What was the aim of your experiment?

ANS. To find the best insulator for warm and hot water.

Q.2 What do you understand about Resin-Bonded Rockwool?

ANS. This is a kind of insulator that works as both a cold insulator as well as a hot insulator. It has high heat, chemical, and thermal resistance.

Q.3 Which material was the best insulator of cold water?

ANS. The best insulator for cold water was Foam.

Q.4 Which material worked as both a hot insulator as well as a cold insulator?

ANS. The insulator that worked as both hot water insulation and cold water insulation was Resin Bonded Rockwool.

Q.5 Give a difference between the materials of cold water and hot water insulator?

AND Water barrier is not present in hot insulation cover while cold insulation cover requires water barrier for better functioning.

Q.5 Which insulator is the least expensive, and most people can afford it?

ANS. Spiral-wrap fiberglass is inexpensive and can work as both hot water insulation and cold water insulation.


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