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We have seen multiple science projects related to the environment, and today once again, we will look towards another fantastic science project. So, today we will learn about how to make a drip irrigation system for a science project. Let us begin.


Let us note down the essential supplies to make a drip irrigation system.


  • Dropper
  • Push Pin
  • Sticky Foam


  • Plastic Tubing
  • Syringe
  • Coasters
  • Stopper
  • Seeds
  • Plastic Cups
  • Plant Pots
  • Soil Pellets
  • Wooden Water Tower Set

Steps To Drip Irrigation System For Science Project

Step 1: The first step is to take a piece of wood and stick it on the edge of the plastic glass with the help of sticky foam.

Fixing a Wooden Piece on a Plastic Cup

Step 2: The second step is to gently place the soil plant pots inside the plastic cup.

Placing the Soil Plants Pots

Step 3: The third step is to put the soil pellets inside the pots and then hydrate them using a dropper.

Inserting Soul Pellets

Step 4: In the following step, poke your finger in the soil, push the seeds inside it, and cover it again with the mud.

Inserting the Seeds

Step 5: Now, repeat all the steps mentioned above for other plants. Once you are done with the steps, place all the plants according to their labelled coasters.

Placing All the Plants

Step 6: To build a water stand, attach all the vertical pieces with the centrepiece and then notch it. Once it is done, gently keep a plastic cup over it.

Making Water Holder

Step 8: Now, cover the top section with the circle and attach it with other pieces

Attaching the Cover

Step 9: Now, place the plastic tubing starting from the hole in the following manner.

Inserting the Plastic Tube

Step 10: Now, poke some tiny holes in the plastic tube with the help pushpin.

Pinning the Holes

Step 11: You should slide the plastic tube through a small wooden piece in the next step.

Inserting the plastic Tube

Step 12: Now, fill the water tower with water

Filling the Water Tower

Step 13: Attach the syringe to the other end of the pipe.

Attaching the Needle

Step 14: Pull the syringe so that it will pull the water

Pulling the Water

Step 15: Remove the syringe and fix the stopper

Fixing the Stopper

Step 16: The last step is to place the drip irrigation system near a sunny place.

Drip Irrigation System

Things To Remember

  • Make sure the soil pellets get completely dissolved till one-third of your pot.
  • The circle at the edge should get properly attached to the vertical pieces.
  • Make sure you make small holes in the pipe.


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