Easy DIY Crafts For Preschoolers Summer

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Are you looking for engaging and fun DIY crafts to keep your preschoolers entertained during the summer? Look no further! Summer is the perfect time to spark creativity and imagination in young children, and what better way to do that than with easy and enjoyable crafts? From building sand castles at the beach to making flower crowns and paper bag puppets, there are activities to keep your little ones busy and excited.

Whether you’re looking for projects to do at home, in the backyard, or during a trip to the park, there’s something for everyone. Let’s look at the easy DIY crafts for preschoolers in summer that help promote fine motor skills, cognitive development, and sensory exploration.

List of Easy DIY Crafts for Preschoolers Summer

1. Ocean in a Bottle

Ocean in a Bottle activity provides a sensory experience and an opportunity to discuss marine life and ocean habitats with the preschoolers. It promotes fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creativity. It also offers a calm and relaxing activity that can help introduce kids to the ocean’s wonders during summer.

Easy DIY Crafts For Preschoolers Summer

Crafts For Preschoolers Summer

To create this craft for preschoolers:

  • Gather a clear plastic bottle with a tight-fitting lid, water, baby oil or clear vegetable oil, blue food coloring, and glitter.
  • Start by filling the bottle halfway with water. Add a few drops of blue food coloring to create a vibrant ocean hue. Then sprinkle in some glitter to mimic the sparkling waves.
  • Next, carefully pour in the baby oil or clear vegetable oil to fill the rest of the bottle.
  • Once the bottle is sealed, let the preschoolers shake it gently to create swirling waves and observe the captivating motion of the oil and water.
  • You can also include plastic fish, coral reefs, and other creatures.

2. Nature Bracelets

Nature bracelets are a popular craft for preschoolers during the summer as they combine creativity, nature exploration, and sensory engagement. It also offers an opportunity to explore the various textures of leaves and flowers’ fragrances and have meaningful conversations about the environment.

Nature Bracelets

To create this craft for preschoolers:

  • For each child, you’ll need approximately wrist-sized strips of sticky tape or adhesive-backed paper.
  • Take the children on a nature walk or explore your backyard, encouraging them to collect small leaves, flowers, twigs, and other lightweight natural materials.
  • Let the preschoolers use their imagination and creativity to decorate their bracelets by carefully pressing the collected natural materials onto the sticky surface.
  • Encourage them to describe the materials they’re using, fostering language development and a deeper appreciation for nature.
  • Once the bracelets are complete, the children can proudly wear their nature creations, showcasing their outdoor adventures.

3. Paper Bag Puppets

Paper bag puppets are an ideal craft for preschoolers during the summer, as they stimulate the imagination and provide endless play opportunities. Engaging in puppet play allows preschoolers to develop storytelling skills, improve their fine motor skills through manipulating the puppets, and enhance their cognitive abilities by creating narratives.

Paper Bag Puppets

To create this craft for preschoolers:

  • You’ll need paper lunch bags, colored construction paper, markers, scissors, glue, and any other decorative materials you have on hand, such as googly eyes, feathers, or yarn.
  • Start by handing out the paper bags to each child. Encourage them to be creative. Provide guidance and assistance when needed.
  • They can draw facial features, clothes, and accessories on the bottom part of the paper bag using markers and construction paper.
  • Preschoolers can cut out shapes from colored construction paper to make hair, hats, or other accessories. They can also glue on googly eyes or create their own using paper and markers.
  • Once the puppets are complete, encourage the children to put on a puppet show. They can create stories, act out scenes, or even engage in conversations between puppets. This activity promotes creativity and also enhances communication and social skills.

4. Sandpaper T-shirt Art

Sandpaper T-shirt art offers a unique sensory experience for preschoolers as they get to feel the sandpaper’s texture and witness their artwork’s transformation onto fabric. It promotes fine motor skills, creativity, and an understanding of cause and effect.

Sandpaper T-shirt Art

To create this craft for preschoolers:

  • You’ll need plain T-shirts, sandpaper in various grits, fabric crayons or markers, and an iron.
  • Start by placing a piece of sandpaper inside the T-shirt, underneath the area where the child wants to create their design. The rough texture of the sandpaper will allow the crayons or markers to adhere and transfer onto the fabric more effectively.
  • Encourage the preschoolers to use fabric crayons or markers to draw their desired designs on the sandpaper.
  • Once the design is complete, carefully remove the sandpaper from the T-shirt. Place a clean piece of paper or fabric on top of the design to protect the iron. Set the iron to a medium heat setting and gently press it onto the back of the T-shirt, applying light pressure.
  • The heat will transfer the crayon or marker design from the sandpaper onto the fabric. Allow the T-shirt to cool. This step sets the design on the fabric and ensures its longevity.

5. Rainbow Wind Chimes

The rainbow wind chimes activity encourages creativity and introduces children to the beauty of sound and the wonders of nature. They can be great conversation starters about the importance of wind and the sounds we hear during summer.

Rainbow Wind Chimes

To create this craft for preschoolers:

  • You’ll need various colorful materials such as paper cups, beads, bells, seashells, or small metal or plastic objects that can make pleasant sounds when they collide. You’ll also need a sturdy base like a plastic or wooden hoop, string or fishing line, scissors, and markers or paint to decorate the cups or objects.
  • Start by decorating the paper cups or other objects with markers or paint.
  • Once the cups or objects are decorated and dried, use a hole punch or scissors to make a small hole near the rim of each cup or object.
  • Thread the string or fishing line through the holes and tie them securely, ensuring cups or objects hang at different lengths.
  • Attach the strings or fishing line to the base, spacing them out evenly around the hoop.
  • Hang the rainbow wind chimes in an outdoor area where they can catch the breeze.

6. Flower Crowns

The flower crown craft project provides a fantastic opportunity to discuss the importance of flowers in nature and their symbolism in different cultures. It’s a way to celebrate the beauty of summer blooms and create lasting memories.

Flower Crowns

To create this craft for preschoolers:

  • You’ll need an assortment of fresh or faux flowers, floral tape, and ribbon or elastic bands. Ensure the flowers are safe for children and do not pose any allergies or health risks.
  • Start by measuring the child’s head with the ribbon or elastic band. Secure the ends together to form a circle.
  • Help the preschoolers select flowers of their choice. Show the children how to attach them to the crown using floral tape.
  • Start by wrapping a small piece of tape around the stem of a flower and the crown, securing it in place. Repeat the process with each flower, overlapping them slightly to create a seamless and lush appearance.
  • Once the flower crowns are complete, let the children proudly wear their creations. They can pretend to be fairies, princesses, or magical beings, embracing their imagination and role-playing abilities.

7. Sand Castles

Building sand castles is always a hit when it comes to classic crafts for preschoolers’ summer. It’s a fantastic way to make the most of a beach or sandbox outing while fostering fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities.

Sand Castles

To create this craft for preschoolers:

  • You’ll need a bucket, shovel, and, of course, sand! To guarantee that it sticks and holds its shape better, make sure the sand is moist.
  • Start by demonstrating how to create a sand castle.
  • Encourage the children to work and share ideas as they build their sand castles. It fosters teamwork and social interaction while allowing them to unleash their creativity.
  • Preschoolers develop their fine motor skills, coordination, and spatial awareness.
  • Bring some seashells, pebbles, or small beach toys to decorate the castles to add a creative touch.

8. Paper Roll Binoculars

Paper roll binoculars are fun crafts for preschoolers in summer and also a versatile toy for future imaginative play scenarios. It’s a delightful and educational craft that will make the vacation memorable for your little ones.

Paper Roll Binoculars Crafts For Preschoolers Summer

To create this craft for preschoolers:

  • You’ll need empty toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls, colorful construction paper, glue or tape, scissors, and markers or crayons for decorating.
  • Start by decorating the paper rolls with markers or crayons. Let the preschoolers unleash their creativity by drawing patterns, shapes, or designs they like.
  • Help the children cut out two circles from the construction paper. These will serve as the lenses for the binoculars. Glue or tape the circles onto the ends of the rolls, securing them in place.
  • To connect the paper rolls and make them easier to hold, cut a long strip of construction paper and glue or tape it around the middle of the rolls.
  • Encourage the preschoolers to personalize their binoculars further by adding stickers, sequins, or any other craft materials they desire.

9. Seashell Picture Frames

Seashell picture frames are a creative craft project that serves as a keepsake that captures memories of the summer. It also provides an opportunity to discuss marine life and the importance of preserving coastal habitats.

Seashell Picture Frames Crafts For Preschoolers Summer

To create this craft for preschoolers:

  • You’ll need wooden or cardboard frames, seashells of various sizes and shapes, craft glue, acrylic paint or markers, and optional embellishments such as glitter or ribbon.
  • Start by allowing the preschoolers to paint or decorate their frames with acrylic paint or markers.
  • Show the children how to arrange and glue the seashells onto the frames. They can experiment with different layouts and patterns, creating designs that remind them of their beach adventures.
  • Help the children apply craft glue to the back of each seashell and press them firmly onto the frame.
  • Once the seashell picture frames are dry, let the preschoolers insert their favorite photos or drawings into the frames.

10. Paper Plate Jellyfish

Paper plate jellyfish crafts provide an opportunity for preschoolers to explore their imagination, practice cutting skills, and experiment with color and texture. It’s a way to spark creativity while learning about fascinating marine creatures. They serve as a reminder of the summer fun and creativity experienced during the craft project.

Paper Plate Jellyfish Crafts For Preschoolers Summer

To create this craft for preschoolers:

  • You’ll need paper plates, colorful tissue paper, googly eyes, glue, scissors, and string or ribbon.
  • Start by flipping a paper plate upside down. It will be the body of the jellyfish. The preschoolers can use markers, crayons, or paint to decorate the plate with their desired colors and patterns.
  • Once the decorating is complete and the paint or markers are dry, it’s time to add the jellyfish tentacles. Help the children cut long tissue or crepe paper strips in various colors.
  • Have the preschoolers attach the strips of tissue paper to the glue, allowing them to dangle freely like jellyfish tentacles.
  • To add a touch of personality, glue googly eyes onto the top of the paper plate.


Summer is the perfect time to engage preschoolers in easy DIY crafts that are entertaining and educational. By participating in these crafts, children develop fine motor skills, sensory exploration, and a deeper appreciation for the world around them. So, gather the materials, create a crafting space, and watch your preschoolers immerse themselves in the joy of creating. These crafts for preschoolers’ summer will keep them entertained and create cherished memories of summer fun.

Note: Remember to adjust the activities based on the age and skill level of the preschoolers and provide appropriate supervision when using potentially hazardous materials. Have a fantastic time crafting with the little ones!

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