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In this experiment, we will determine the effect of UV Light on Plastic films. To perform this experiment, we will expose light rays on depressions in Carbon Hydrogen (CH) plastic films.


To determine how carbon-hydrogen plastic films get affected by ultraviolet light rays.


1. Ultra Violet radiation, or UV rays, come from the sun and man-made sources and is a type of electromagnetic radiation.

2. UV rays are widely used in medical and industrial processes.

Effect of UV Light on Plastic Films | Science Experiment



1. Carbon Hydrogen Films

2. A Vacuum

3. An Oxygen-Filled Cylinder

4. A Nitrogen-Filled Cylinder

5. Notebook


Step 1: Test the carbon-hydrogen film in three air atmospheres: a vacuum, an oxygen-filled atmosphere, and a nitrogen-filled atmosphere.

Step 2: Take two sets of plastic films.

Step 3: Store half of the film in a vacuum. And another half into a room.

Step 4: We also tested whether thickness affects the depression depth and age of the film.

Step 5: Record your observations.


1. We observed that the depression happened because of the change in Oxygen and hydrogen bonds.

2. The change in oxygen and hydrogen bonds was the lowest in an oxygen-free atmosphere.

3. The oxygen-free environment in the experiment was a nitrogen-filled environment and a vacuum.

4. We also observed that age and thickness have nothing to do with depression; rather, they depend mostly on chance.


1. The carbon-hydrogen plastic film, when placed in the room, had a greater change in oxygen-hydrogen bond than the plastic film that was placed in a vacuum.

2. Even in an oxygen-free environment, the oxygen caused the film to experience a slight depression.

3. The change in the oxygen-hydrogen bond caused the depression.


1. Handle lab equipment with care.

2. Record the measurement precisely.


In this experiment, we exposed the carbon-hydrogen films to ultraviolet light rays under four different environments to determine whether the combination of oxygen and hydrogen creates a depression in the plastic film.

VIVA Questions With Answers

Q.1 What was the aim of your experiment?

ANS. We aimed to determine the effect of UV Light on Plastic films on Depression in the film.

Q.2 Why does depression occur in the film?

ANS. The depression in the film occurred due to the bond between hydrogen and oxygen.

Q.3 In which kind of environment was the oxygen and hydrogen bond lowest?

ANS. In an oxygen-free environment, oxygen and hydrogen bond lowest.


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