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In the experiment, we will be determining the effect of water pressure on magnetism to check whether or not magnetism gets affected by water pressure.

For this, we will be comparing saltwater with tap water and also be judging the number of clips each water sample attracts on its surface.


To find out the effect of water pressure on magnetism. Also, to compare the saltwater with tap water.


This experiment will include two hypotheses. The first is that by increasing water pressure, magnetism will decrease. And the second one is that the saltwater will attract more clips than the tap water.

Effect of Water Pressure on Magnetism - Science Experiment



1. Plastic tubing

2. Plastic circular piece

3. Meter stick tape

4. Cement

5. Tap water

6. Saltwater

7. Bar magnet

8. 100 jumbo clips

9. Recording materials

10. Notebook


Step 1: Create a handmade cylinder with the help of 180 cm plastic tubing.

Step 2: Mark the cylinder using a sketch pen from 18 cm to 180cm.

Step 3: Take some ocean water (saltwater).

Step 4: Fill the handmade cylinder with saltwater.

Step 5: Put some paper clips in the water.

Step 6: Tie a bar magnet with a string and put this magnet in the cylinder.

Step 7: Using the magnet, try to pick up the clump of paper clips.

Step 8: If the magnet could not pull all the clumps, then decrease the number of clips.

Step 9: If the magnet pulls all the clumps, then increase the number of clips. In this way, one could count the number of paper clips a magnet could hold.

Step 10: Repeat the experiment five more times with each of the water (tap water and saltwater).

Step 11: Record your observations.


1. After taking the average of five experiments with each of the water and the result is as given.

2. Average for salt water are – 36.6 pc for 180 cm, 68 pc for 162 cm, 46.4 pc for 144 cm, 50.6 pc for 126 cm, 58 pc for 108 cm, 62.6 pc for 90 cm, 65.4 pc for 72 cm, 68.4 pc for 54 cm, 69.4 pc for 36 cm, 72 pc for 18 cm.

3. Average for the tap water are – 35.2 pc for 180 cm, 36 pc for 162 cm, 42.6 pc for 144 cm, 48 pc for 126 cm, 56.8 pc for 108 cm, 60.4 pc for 90 cm, 63.8 pc for 72 cm, 66 pc for 54 cm, 67.2 pc for 36 cm, 69 pc for 18cm.


1. We hypothesized that by increasing the water pressure, magnetism decreases. And our hypothesis is correct.

2. On increasing the water level, the capacity of the magnet to attract paper clips decreases.

3. The high pressure could not hold up more clips.

4. We also hypothesized that the saltwater would be able to hold more clips because of its being more buoyant, which makes the saltwater suitable for holding more clips.

5 Therefore, we find that magnetism decreases with increasing water pressure.


In this experiment, we determined the effect of water pressure on magnetism.

Viva Questions with Answers

Q.1 What was the aim of your experiment?

ANS. We aimed to determine how magnetism gets affected by varying water pressure.

Q.2 What is the effect of water pressure on magnetism?

ANS. Water pressure is inversely proportional to magnetism, which means magnetism decreases with increasing water pressure.

Q.3 Which water (salt or tap) attracted more paper clips?

ANS. Saltwater attracted more paper clips because of the presence of buoyancy in it.


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