Exploring Evaporation through Colors

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In this experiment(Exploring Evaporation through Colors), we will be determining the kind of colour that helps in evaporating water more efficiently.

We hypothesised that the red plastic would work efficiently in evaporating water.


To find what colour of plastic among red, black, purple and clear help in evaporating water more efficiently.


The plastic used in food containers is very thin and has less density. Its molecule does not hold much heat. When the water evaporates from the container, its drops quickly cool down the plastic, which lowers the rate of evaporation.


1. Four plastic containers

2. Sixteen cups of water

2. One small cup

4. Six tablespoons of dirt

5. Tape

6. One sheet of coloured plastic

7. One quarter for weight

8. Notebook


Step 1: Take four plastic containers.

Step 2: Put sixteen cups of water and six tablespoons of dirt inside each container.

Step 3: Cover each container with one sheet of coloured plastic.

Step 4: Use one quarter as weight on each of the containers.

Step 5: Record your observations.


We observed that the clear plastic worked more efficiently.


Our hypothesis is wrong; in which we assumed that the red plastic would work efficiently because of being translucent and dark shade, but our observation showed that the clear plastics worked more efficiently.


1. Record the observation precisely.

2. Take help in building containers.


In this experiment, we have discovered a plastic colour that can be used effectively for evaporating water.

Viva Questions with Answers

Q.1 What was the aim of your experiment?

ANS. We aimed to determine the colour of plastic that can be used effectively for evaporating water.

Q.2 What was your hypothesis?

ANS. We hypothesised that red plastic would work effectively in water evaporation because of its translucent and dark colour.

Q.3 Which colour of plastic can be used for helping water evaporation?

ANS. Clear plastic works effectively in helping water evaporation.


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