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In this experiment, we will be determining how temperature affects a magnet’s strength and whether the magnetic strength changes on changing the temperature of boiling water, nitrogen, and ice water.

We hypothesized that on increasing the temperature, magnetic strength decreases.


To determine how temperature affects a magnet’s strength.


1. Magnetic strength is the quantity that measures the magnetic field intensity.

2. The unit of magnetic field strength is Ampere per meter.

How Temperature Affects a Magnet's Strength - Science Experiment



1. Three permanent magnet

2. Liquid nitrogen

3. Ice water

4. Boiling water

5. Gaussmeter

6. Notebook

7. Zinc BBs


Step 1: Take three permanent magnets and immerse them in each of the three liquids (ice water, liquid nitrogen, and boiling water).

Step 2: Record the temperature change after the immersion.

Step 3: Measure the magnetic strength using a Gauss meter. The temperature at which the magnetic strength should be recorded is 196 degrees Celsius, 0 degrees celsius, and 100 degrees celsius.

Step 4: Record the zinc BBs’ weight after each immersion.

Step 5: Record your observations.


1. After experimenting, we observed that the temperature does affect the magnetic strength.

2. We observed that after increasing the temperature, magnetic strength decreased.


1. Our hypothesis is correct in that we assume that the magnetic strength decreases with increasing temperature.

2. On heating, the magnetic pattern in the magnet starts heating and starts mixing up and pointing in different directions. This causes the magnet to lose its magnetic strength.


1. Do not use high amounts of liquids.

2. Take help from your lab assistant.


In this experiment, we determined the relationship between temperature and magnetic strength.

Viva Questions With Answers

Q.1 What was the aim of your experiment?

ANS. We aimed to determine how temperature affects a magnet’s strength.

Q.2 What is the effect of temperature on magnetic strength?

ANS. On the increasing temperature, magnetic strength decreases.

Q.3 Why does increasing temperature decrease magnetic strength?

ANS. The heat that is obtained from increasing temperature changes the direction of the magnetic pattern which results in decreased magnetic strength.


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