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In this experiment, we will determine how temperature affects magnets and magnetism. We hypothesized that on increasing temperature, magnetism decreases.


To find out how temperature affects magnets.


1. Heat increases the speed of particles within the magnet. As a result, they start moving in a misaligned manner, which causes the magnetic force of a magnet to decrease.

2. Temperature determines the magnetism of a magnet. For instance, the magnetic strength increases if we place the magnet under a lower temperature. On the other hand, the magnetic strength decreases if we place a magnet under a higher temperature.

How Temperature Affects Magnets - Science Experiment



1. Three alnico magnets

2. 201 paper clips

3. A bowl

4. High and low-temperature thermometers

5. Grippers

6. Excel programs

7. Gloves

8. Notebook


Step 1: Take three magnets and place all the magnets at four different temperatures one after another.

Step 2: Take out the magnet after heating.

Step 3: Take a bowl and fill it with paperclips

Step 4: Place the heated magnet into the bowl.

Step 5: The magnet will attract the paper clips. And the number of paper clips it attaches determines its strength.

Step 6: Record your observations.


1. We observed that on increasing the temperature, magnetic strength decreases, and on decreasing the temperature magnetic strength increases.

2. We observed that there was almost no change between the temperature of 100 degrees and 200 degrees as the decrease in magnetic strength stops after reaching a certain point.


1. Our hypothesis is correct. After taking out the magnet from four different temperatures, we saw that the magnet with the lowest temperature attracted most of the paper clips.

2. Therefore, we concluded that high temperature decreases magnetism and low temperature increases magnetism.


1. Do not heat the magnet at a higher temperature.

2. Heat the magnet slowly.

3. Record your temperature precisely.

4. Take out the temperature using gloves.


In this experiment, we have determined how temperature affects magnets by observing how magnetism gets affected by varying temperatures.

Viva Questions With Answers

Q.1 What was the aim of your experiment?

ANS. We aimed to determine how temperature affects magnets and the relationship between temperature and magnetism.

Q.2 What was the hypothesis of this experiment?

ANS. We assumed that magnetism decreases with increasing temperature.

Q.3 How does the temperature affect magnetism?

ANS. On increasing the temperature, magnetism decreases, but there is no effect of temperature on magnetism after a certain point.


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