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Want to learn how to build a LEGO toaster? If yes, you’re at the right place as you’ll learn how you can turn these LEGO blocks into an amazing toaster.

We know that LEGO builds are works of art, and kids can use them to express adventures and interests. You should know that playing with LEGO is believed to help children develop fine motor abilities and dexterity, and strength in their fingers. The varying pressures used to construct the LEGO parts are a great workout for young fingers, assisting children in learning to hold a pencil and controlling the pressure they apply when writing. Having the flexibility to develop fine motor skills is essential in a society where many children are adept at swiping on devices.

Hence, playing with LEGO can be distressing at first, but it can help kids develop patience and learn to manage frustration by allowing them to rebuild their masterpieces. So, why not learn something interesting to make this time? Oh yes, you got me right as we are gonna see how to make an artificial toaster from it.


You’ll need these things to prepare a toaster out of LEGO blocks.


Steps To Build A LEGO Toaster

Read the full blog and learn the steps to build a LEGO Toaster.

Step 1: Take a 6×8 LEGO block. Use it as the base.

Take a big block

Step 2: Start building the rest of the toaster. Begin by adding the boundary. Then make a long tower stand on one side, as shown below.

Add pieces

Step 3: Choose another base this time. Fix the blocks as shown in the image.

Prepare another block

Step 4: Insert a 2×8 block inside this set.

Add 2×8 block

Step 5: Fix the second set inside the large one.

Put them together

Step 6: Once you’re done, start building the rest of the toaster body.

Prepare the rest of the structure

Step 7: It should look something like the image below. Cover the whole top.

Cover the top

Step 8: Add two pieces of bread from two large blocks, and that’s it.

How To Build A LEGO Toaster

LEGO Toaster


Keep the following things in mind while making this LEGO toaster.

  • Make sure to use the same colour blocks to make the outer layer.
  • Fix the pieces nicely.

And that’s it from your side. Sounds easy, right? Now that you know the steps, just get ready and give this blog a quick read again. Hope this post on how to build a LEGO toaster would have helped you.


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