How To Build A Wind Turbine Science Model

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In this science project, we will learn how to build a wind turbine science model. Using a few everyday things, you can make a wind turbine for the science fair. A wind turbine is a machine that turns the wind’s kinetic energy into mechanical energy and then converts it into electric energy by the electric generators. A wind turbine will generate enough AC to power a small electric bulb.


So, here are supplies we need to make this science model of a wind turbine;


  • Small motor, 6-12 volts
  • High intensity LED
  • Drill
  • Scissor
  • Hot glue gun


  • 4 craft sticks
  • Small paper cup for fan blades
  • A giant paper cup for the base of the turbine

Steps To Make A Wind Turbine Science Model

Step 1: Firstly, cut the small cup into 4 parts by removing the base of the cup. These pieces will be used as blades of the turbine.

cut the small cup

Cutting out the cup to make blades

Step 2: Then attach two craft sticks like that they make a plus sign using the hot glue gun.

two craft sticks

Attaching blades on craft sticks

Step 3: Once it is dry, drill a small hole in the center of the sticks (remember the size of the hole in the motor shaft’s size).

Step 4: Then glue the cut pieces of the cup at each end of the craft stick. And attach the motor to the hole; the motor should have two prongs sticking outback that serve as a terminal to the power source.

the motor

Attaching the motor to Blades

Step 5: Then attach the LED( power source) to twisted prongs at the back, and once you need to test it, you just have to switch it.

LED power source

Wind Turbine Model

Step 6: Then glue the end of the other two craft sticks to make a stand on the larger cup that holds the motor above the cup. Make sure that the motor is positioned to not disturb the blades to move and turn freely.

                                  motor is positioned          wind turbine


Things To Remember

  • Work slowly and carefully during the cut-over not to disturb the blades.
  • Test out your wind turbine with a fan or on a windy day.
  • Feel free to try material other than cups; you think that’ll be best for utilizing the wind to yield more rotation/sec.
  • Use hookup wire instead of LED to make it easier.
  • Learn all you can about the techniques and material you’re using.



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