How To Build An Open And Closed Electric Circuits

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In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to make open and closed electric circuits Science models for your science project. Open and Close electric circuits basically show the flow of electricity.

In the case of an Open circuit, the continuous flow of the current in the circuit is broken at a given point and current flow stops throughout the circuit which in turn to no lamp glowing. This condition is called an “open circuit”. And once breaks are connected again and continue the flow of electricity restored the circuit is called a “closed circuit“.


To make these circuits, we will require the following tools and materials.


  • LED bulb
  • AA battery holder
  • 2× AA battery
  • Wire
  • A small switch


  • Thermocol sheet
  • Colored Paper
  • Fevicol

Steps To Build Open and Closed Curcuit

Step 1: First take a thermocol sheet and paste colored paper using Fevicol and keep it dry.

Step 2: Then for making the circuit, connect the black wire (-) of the holder to the short leg of the bulb.

Step 3: Then connect the red wire of the holder and another wire (+) to the long leg of the bulb through the switch.

the switch

Step 4: Put the battery in the holder.

Step 5: Now place the whole circuit on the thermocol sheet.

thermocol sheet

# closed circuit when you connect the battery to the bulb, light glows.

# open circuit when you disconnect the battery to the bulb, light offs.

How To Build an Open and Closed Electric Circuit 


The Open and Closed electric circuits science models help students to understand the flow of electricity. An open circuit is defined to be basically a circuit where energy is not flowing through it. Whereas a closed circuit is defined to be the one when energy is allowed to flow through it by turning it on.

Things To Remember

  • Working slowly and carefully during cutover.
  • Work on a self-healing mat to protect your surface.
  • Learn all you can about the materials and techniques you’re using.
  • Work carefully during wire attachment.
  • You should keep away materials (Box cutter, in case you’re using a glue gun) children out of their sight and reach.



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