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Since mankind was introduced to energy and power, we made 3 distinct conclusions or statements, per se. One of those states: “: energy can neither be created nor be destroyed; it can only be transferred from one form to another”. What if today I told you, you could create energy from being inside your own home using resources available in any average household? Well, YES! Maybe, not the creating energy part! You see, if you cant create the energy, you can still change the state of the energy when it is being implemented, and that can be done for benefitting ourselves using nothing but “potatoes”, so why don’t we learn how to generate electricity using potatoes?


For this project, you will need:


  • 4 potatoes
  • Wires
  • 4 Copper coins
  • 4 Nickel screws
  • Phone charger wire (not the adapter)
  • A phone (to test)

Steps To Generate Electricity Using Potatoes

Step 1:Take 4 potatoes, insert the nickel screws in the potatoes and insert the copper coin 2 cms from the potatoes.

Insert the nickel screws and insert the copper coin into the potatoes

Step 2: Convert the potatoes into a circuit. Take a 1 m long wire, and cut the wire into 3 pieces. Join one end of the wire to the screw and another end to the copper coin. Do this for all the potatoes. Keep one end of the circuit open.

Convert the potatoes into a circuit

Step 3: Halve the charging cable. Take the rear end of the wire (the one with the type\ B/A/C/lightning cable). In the cable, you would find two wires, fix each of the wires to the remaining nickel screw and copper coin on different potatoes

Generate Electricity Using Potatoes

Generate Electricity Using Potatoes

Now take the cable and charge your device to find out if your energy is supplying model works or not!


  • Be careful with wires. They might have an electric charge
  • Do not perform this experiment near flame cause hydrogen can be a by-product.

In my opinion, making a working and energy-efficient circuit which can provide energy to charge your devices in times of emergency, in your own home using basic resources and electrical equipment is quite smart and cost-efficient. Such backyard science DIY projects can not only impress your peers but could also prove useful when you don’t have a free power outlet to charge your device, but you have this circuit model! Check us out for such tricks.


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