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If you have bangles and you cannot find a proper place to keep them all, here is a thing you can do, make use of the cardboard laces and all the decorative stuff available to you and make your bangle holder. This tutorial will explain to you the steps on how to make a bangle holder.


To make a bangle holder, all you need is some crafting tools and decorative material. Try to gather all the stuff beforehand.



  • Plastic pipes
  • Cardboard
  • Newspaper
  • Laces

Steps To Make A Bangle Holder

Step 1: Take a newspaper of size suitable for your bangle holder and cut it in the shape given below.

given below

Step 2: Now, take cardboard and place the newspaper on it. With the help of a cutter, cut the cardboard into a similar shape. Make another stand in the same way.

same way 1

same way 2

Step 3: Now, prepare a base with the help of the cardboard.

of the cardboard

Step 4: Either paint all the bases or wrap them with origami paper to make them look prettier.

look prettier

Step 5: Now, at the corners of the base of the holder, glue the lace.

glue the lace

Step 6: Wrap the stand with any designing paper.

designing paper

Step 7: Put the lace on their corners as well.

corners as well

Step 8: With the use of plastic pipes, prepare the rods. Take plastic pipes of suitable size of the stand and decorate them with the help of the laces.

help of the laces

Step 9: Now stick the base and stand all together.

stands altogether

Step 10: Now pierce a hole at the center of both the stands of the pipe diameter and insert a rod.

insert a rod

Step 11: Now, put the rest of the rods on the stand and the bangles as well. Look at the picture for reference.

How To Make A Bangle Holder


  • Make use of either newspaper or brown paper to prevent the spill of colors or glue.
  • Try to make use of a glue gun to be sure the material is appropriately glued.
  • Using poster color instead of water called for a better look.
  • Stick everything properly.
  • Use newspaper cutouts to cut the cardboard in the required shape properly.

Points to remember

Handle the tools with care.



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