How To Make A Bracelet Out Of Measuring Tape

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You won’t believe how simple DIY Slap Bracelets are to make. I’m sure you don’t know how to make a bracelet out of measuring tape. I mean, with their self-closing feature with a snap of the fingers, they appear to be a little magical! Right?

Well, they can, however, be created at home using a few common household ingredients. This slap bracelet craft is best suited for older children, and it does require adult supervision.

So, do you remember when slap bracelets were quite popular? And now you have the opportunity to make your own with just a few simple supplies. Obviously, making your own bracelet is a great deal of fun, and this one is a toy also. So read on to learn the steps.


If you want to make a bracelet out of measuring tape, then you’ll have to collect these items:



  • Duct tape

Steps To Make A Bracelet Out Of Measuring Tape

If you want to learn how to make a slap bracelet from measuring tape, then follow the below written steps:

Step 1: Loosen the outer shell of your measuring tape with the screwdriver. Remove the metal end of the tape and then cut a 6-inch-long piece. For each slap bracelet you wish to make, you’ll need a 6-inch piece.

Remove the outer shell

Remove the outer shell

Step 2: Curl the edges of the measuring tape using scissors.

Curl the edges

Curl the edges 

Step 3: Twist the tape back upon itself, bending it back so that the numbered side is facing up. You’ll notice it becomes more bendable. When you can slap it on your arm, and it wraps around it, you’ll know it’s finished!

Twist it carefully

Twist it carefully

Step 4: Cut a piece of sellotape that is slightly larger than your bracelet. Place it on the numbered side of the measuring tape and loop it around to the back. To conceal the leftover bracelet on the underside, cut a smaller piece.

Decorative sellotape

Decorative sellotape

Step 5: Your wristband is now ready to wear!

Decorate and your wristband is ready

Decorate and your bracelet is ready 


Well, these handcrafted measuring tape bracelets are ideal for a friend. You can make them as gifts for your pals! This is even a wonderful craft for a slumber party or a teen birthday celebration. Umm…Isn’t it exciting?

And now you can easily make a colorful collection to give to a family member or neighbor. I hope this guide on how to make a bracelet out of measuring tape will help you. So without further delay, try it on your own.




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