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We all love chandeliers, especially if we have them in our homes to decorate rooms and windows. Well, today, you’ll learn how to make a butterfly chandelier.

The simplest way to make a chandelier is using paper. You can play around with paper because it is a simple medium to work with. Paper chandeliers will provide a touch of elegance to your living room, children’s room, or bedroom. If you want to construct a paper chandelier for the kids, you can choose from various styles. Cut the paper into various forms, such as hearts, clouds, or stars. A paper chandelier can also come in a variety of colors. Bright colors should be used in your child’s room, while light colors should be used in the living room. Whoa, there’s a lot more. But let’s not get into it and read the steps.


Firstly we need to be ready with the following tools and materials to make this butterfly chandelier.


  • Wire
  • Scissors


Steps To Make A Butterfly Chandelier

To make a beautiful butterfly chandelier, you are supposed to follow these steps.

Step 1: Begin by cutting out a million butterflies in whichever color you like depending on the size of your chandelier and the amount of filling you desire. Cut roughly 100 butterflies out of colorful paper to make it more attractive.

Cut out butterflies

Step 2: Make a hoop out of your cardboard. Then, using a wire, build a criss-cross pattern. Make sure it’s secure and equally distributed.

Make the base

Step 3: Initiate by working on the chandelier’s core. One end of your thread should be tied to it. The other is given to the butterfly. Leave the length connected to your spool rather than clipping it. Place a glue dot in the center of one of the butterflies, place it over your fishing line, and push the second butterfly on top.

Attach butterflies

Step 4: Continue connecting butterflies in the same manner as before, working from the inside out. The center of the cross wires was used first, followed by each corner where the wire was joined to the hoop, and then one or two strands in between each corner. Fill in as much or as little as you wish in your chandelier. And there you have it, your lovely chandelier.

Butterfly chandelier


Keep these things in mind while making this beautiful Chandelier:

  • Use as many butterflies as you can so that it’ll be heavy and pretty.
  • Use light color papers to make butterflies.

Now that you have the steps follow this guide on making a butterfly chandelier and making one for your home.


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