How To Make A Butterfly

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Each one of us loves butterflies but have you wondered if you can make your butterfly and enjoy it? So in today’s article, we will teach you how to make a butterfly.


Now, let us look at the supplies list required to make a butterfly. They are as follows:


Steps To Make A Butterfly

Step 1: Firstly, fold the paper gently into a half. Once you fold it, gently open it and once again repeat the same process of folding the paper into the half in another way, or we can say on the opposite side.

Fold the Paper in Half

Step 2: The second step is to fold the paper in half, but this time it should be in a diagonal shape.

Folding the Paper Diagonally

Step 3: In the third step, gently open the paper

Opening the Paper

Step 4: Now, just turn the paper once again and now gently fold the paper from another side.

Folding the Paper from the Other Side

Step 5: Now, gently get the paper’s right and left creases together and make a triangle

Making a Triangle

Step 6: Now, gently fold the top two corners to the centre in the following step.

Fold the Corners to the centre.

Step 7: Let us flip the triangle over, fold the bottom side up, and leave a small tip, as shown below.

Making the Tip

Step 8: Then slowly bend the top pointed tip over the base.

Bending the Pointed Tip

Step 9: Gently pull down the paper pieces from the bottom side, which will create the lower wings of the butterfly.

Pulling down the Paper

Step 10: The last step is to gently remove all the fringes and your butter



  • We recommend you use shiny coloured paper for making a butterfly

Things To Remember

  • While folding, make sure you take care of the paper, and it should not get damaged.


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