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A cable car is a conveyance system used for traveling up and down a mountain, in which cabins are suspended on a continuous moving cable driven by a motor at one end of the route. You can easily make it for your science project at your home. We’ll guide you on how to make a cable car.



Steps To Make A Cable Car

Step 1: Take a cardboard and prepare four circles of diameter 4-5 cm and two circles of comparatively smaller diameter.

    smaller diameter 1

smaller diameter 2

Step 2: Cover the boundary of the smaller circles.

smaller circles 1

smaller circles 2

Step 3: Prepare pulleys with the help of the circles, as shown below.

shown below

Step 4: Pierce a hole into the pulley.

into the pulley

Step 5: Prepare two cylinders with the help of the cardboard.

  of the cardboard 1

of the cardboard 2

Step 6: Take a cardboard and make a base out of it and pierce a hole at its center.

  its center 1

its center 2

Step 7: Take a DC motor and connect the wires to it.

wires to it

Step 8: Add the tubes to their terminal.

their terminal

Step 9: Add a stick and insert the screw into it.

   screw into it 1

screw into it 2

Step 10: Insert the stick into the base you prepared.

you prepared

Step 11: Make a cardboard boundary for the motor.

for the motor 1

for the motor 2

Step 12: Paste it under the base and make its boundary so that it looks like a box.

like a box

Step 13: Paste a pulley onto the cylinder of the base.

of the base

Step 14: Now, prepare two ‘L’ shaped pieces and stick them to each other. Later, stick it beside the cylinder.

the cylinder

Step 15: Now, prepare another base in a similar way as explained below. However, make it comparatively smaller and do not connect a motor to it. Look at the pictures for reference.

for references 1

for references 2

for references 3

Step 16: Your prepared piece should look like the following picture.

following picture

Step 17: Take an elastic band and take it from one pulley to another end

  another end

another end 2

Step 18: Prepare 3-4 open boxes with the help of the cardboard. And make its hanger with the help of the copper wire.

copper wire 1

copper wire 2

Step 19: Hang all the boxes on the cable.

cable 1

cable 2

Step 20: Attach the switch and battery to the motor. Now, your cable car is ready.

How To Make A Cable Car


  • Glue everything properly.
  • Let everything dry before moving ahead.
  • Make connections carefully.
  • Cut Out the cardboard in a suggested manner.




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