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Kids love to make ships out of paper and sail them. Let’s see how to make a cardboard ship. You can easily make a ship with readily available material. Also, you can use it to decorate your place or for your science project, or you can only make it just to kill your time by doing something extraordinary.


To make a cardboard ship, all you need is some crafting tools and decorative material. Try to gather all the stuff beforehand.



  • Cardboard

Steps To Make A Cardboard Ship

Step 1: First of all, prepare the base of the ship.

base of the ship

Step 2: Similarly, prepare both the other sides of the ship.

side of the ship

Step 3: Glue everything altogether.

everything altogether

everything altogether 2

Step 4: Now, prepare the other parts of the ship.

parts of the ship 1

parts of the ship 2

Step 5: Paste everything on another base

  another base 1

another base 2

Step 6: Now, paste everything this base on the ship you prepared.

  you prepared 1

you prepared 2

Step 7: Now, prepare the boundary of the ship and paste it. And your ship is ready.

  ship is ready

How To Make A Cardboard Ship


As you can observe, a cardboard ship is quite an exciting project to do for your science project. And everything is quite readily available. However, you should keep a few things to keep in mind while constructing it:

  • Try to make use of a glue gun to be sure the material is appropriately glued.
  • You can use poster color to color your ship.
  • You can also decorate it with origami paper.
  • Stick everything properly.

Points to remember

Handle the tools with care.



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