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Want to learn how to make a cat tent? Keep reading to the wonderful steps. So, if you’re a cat owner, you probably treat your cat as if it were a human, right? For instance, you speak to your cats in full phrases that they don’t comprehend or ensure that their needs are satisfied to the same level that a person would demand. I guess pet lovers love to do that.

Also, it’s unlikely that your cat would want it any other way. And surely you must want to make sure your cat is comfy because you regard it as a part of the family. After all, it spends most of the day around you. So now the question arises: have you arranged any bed for your cat yet? If your answer is no, then don’t stop reading this post.

Yes, because you’ll read here the steps to make a comfortable home for your cat without spending any money.


Get ready and collect the following materials to make your cat tent.



  • Cardboard
  • Tape
  • Old T-shirt

Steps To Make A Cat Tent

Here are the simple steps to make a beautiful cat tent for your pet.

Step 1: Take cardboard. Take two long wires. Make sure your cardboard size is long enough because your cat will live and sleep here.

How To Make A Cat Tent | DIY


Step 2: Now bend both the wires and fix them on one another. Use tape to join the middle. Make sure to use a smooth wire, or else your cat might get injured.

DIY Cat Tent

Adjust wire

Step 3: Now fix the ends of the wire on the edges of the cardboard. Use tape to make it secure. You can make small holes on all four sides and fix them with tape.

Fix with tape

Step 4: Adjust an old t-shirt by covering the whole cardboard. Make sure to adjust it in a way so that your cat can easily enter the tent.

Fix T-shirt

Step 5: And that’s it. Here’s your cat home ready.

How To Make A Cat Tent

Cat tent


Keep in mind these two things while making a cat tent.

  • Use long wires depending on the size of your cat.
  • Choose a good color for the shirt.

And that’s it. Here’s a good place for your cat to live and sleep; I’m sure your pet will love it. I hope this post on how to make a cat tent will help you make a good home for your cat.


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