How To Make A Charcoal Sand Water Purifier

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This tutorial will show how to make a charcoal sand water purifier science model using material that is easily available at home for your school science exhibition.

Carbon filtering is one method that has been gaining popularity in the current times for water purification. They are considered to be the most effective way of filtering. It uses a carbon bed to remove the impurity using chemical absorption. Each particle of carbon provides a support structure exposing the contaminants to maximum visibility to the cleaner.


To make a charcoal sand water purifier science model, we need;


  • Activated charcoal
  • Granular sand
  • Empty bottle
  • Wool
  • Marker
  • Scissor
  • Jar
  • Soldering iron

Steps To Make A Charcoal Sand Water Purifier

Step 1: First, take a bottle and cut its bottom off.

bottom off

Step 2: Then make a hole in the bottle’s lid and place cotton wool in it.

wool in it 1

wool in it 2

Step 3: Now cap it in the bottle and put it down in the jar.

in the jar

Step 4: Now grind up charcoal.

up charcoal

Step 5: Place the layers of Sand and charcoal in the bottle.

in the bottle 1

in the bottle 2

Step 6: Now the purifier is ready to use!

ready to use

Step 7: Run water from the purifier.

the purifier

Step 8: The purifier starts working! Sand holds solid particles, and charcoal adsorbs primary pollutants.

primary pollutants

Charcoal Sand Water Purifier School Science Exhibition Model


Activated carbon is a form of carbon adsorbent that allows the pollutant to be adsorbed. There are two types of activated carbon used in water filtration: granular and powdered carbon.

Active carbon filters are the most effective in removing minerals like chlorine, volatile organic compounds, and odor, taste from the impure water.

Sand filters help large impurities and also improve water quality.

Sand filtration won’t make water pure, but it requires the process to remove the disinfectant. Thus, sand filters along with activated carbon work the best way to purify the water.

This model helps students understand the working of the charcoal purifier and how it can be made at home.

Things To Remember

  • Charcoal sand water purifier doesn’t purify water of bacteria and heavy metals.
  • Use the box Cutter carefully.
  • Carefully use a soldering iron.




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