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Want to learn how to make a cloud trolley bag? Well, you know what it is, right? Or, even if you’re not, here you’ll read what it is and how to make it at home.

So, there are several sorts of travel bags that can be used for different types of travel. One of the most commonly used items is a cloud trolley, which provides convenience and versatility. Cloud trolley bags are easy to move about because they have wheels and can thus be moved without lifting them. Furthermore, it is light and spacious, especially if you compare it to other bags. Today, a wide range of trolley bags in various sizes and forms is readily available to meet individual needs. But the amazing thing here is that you can even make one for yourself at home.

Umm… you heard it right as you’re gonna learn the steps here. You just need some waste materials like an empty can, and you can convert it into a fantastic cloud trolley. Keep reading to learn the simple steps.


Here are the materials necessary to make a Cloud trolley bag.


  • Driller
  • Electric cutter
  • Nails


Steps To Make A Cloud Trolley

Read the steps and learn how you can make a Cloud trolley.

Step 1: Take an empty can. It should be big.

Big size can

Step 2: Divide the can into two parts with the help of an electric cutter.


Step 3: Now there’s a bit of woodwork. Take two rectangular wood blocks. Make circular holes in each of the two. Make sure it looks something like shown in the image.


Step 4: With the help of a driller, make holes in the can. You’ll have to attach the wooden blocks here.


Step 5: Attach the blocks.

Use nails

Step 6: Now, take PVC pipes. You will use it as a handle.

Add handles

Step 7: With the help of nails, join the chain in the box.

Joint chain

Step 8: Add wheels to your trolley bag.

Attach wheels

Step 9: And here’s your trolley bag, ready to use.

Cloud trolley


  • Measure correctly: Make sure the measure is taken correctly to fit correctly.

So, the steps are simple, right? Make sure that you’re using electrical machines safely, and you’ll have your self-made bag. At Least you can use it for your short trips.

Now that you’re aware of the whole process make one for yourself. I hope this post on making a Cloud trolley will have helped you.


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