How To Make A DIY Baby Rattle

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Rattle toys may appear to be outdated, but there’s a reason why they’re so popular. And what if you can learn how to make a DIY baby rattle sitting at your home? Umm… Yes, you can!

Toys have come a long way since our parents and grandparents were raising their children – they are now more high-tech, with more lights, sounds, scrolling capabilities, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity, you name it. But the rattle toy is one form of kids’ toy that has stood the test of time. It hasn’t altered much, but it continues to astonish newborns from the age of one week to one year and beyond.

The most important reason kids love playing with rattles is that they are easy to handle, harmless, and create a melodious sound. So, if you have a kid at your home and you’re looking forward to buying something for him or her. Then, stop yourself from spending money and start making a rattle with your own hand.


Collect these materials to make your rattle.


  • Wooden stick
  • Scissors
  • Metal button


Steps To Make A DIY Baby Rattle

You’re just supposed to follow these steps to make your cute and designer rattle.

Step 1: Take an empty tape roll. You’ll have to use it as a base for the rattle.

Tape roll

Step 2: Make two holes in the tape on the opposite sides.

Make two holes

Step 3: Now, take a long wooden stick and put the stick inside the tape.

Attach stick

Step 4: Take a white thread. Tie the thread on the stick first. Then put both ends just opposite to each other (make them go through the holes).

Attach thread

Step 5: Take two metal buttons. Tie them on both ends of the thread.

Attach metal buttons

Step 6: Cut two circles keeping in mind the size of your tape roll.

Cut two circles

Step 7: Paste the paper to cover the empty roll.

Cover sides

Step 8: Use designer paper to decorate the tape roll. Make sure that the threads are not covered inside. And your rattle is ready.

DIY Baby Rattle


While making your cute rattle, make sure of these few things.

  • Use a plain wooden stick as it’ll be used by your kids.
  • Use small metal buttons.

So, now that you know the steps of how to make a DIY baby rattle go and gather these basic materials. Once you have it all, start making it to make your kid happy.


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