How To Make A DIY Cat Tent

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Every cat owner wants to build a home for their cats where they can reside and peacefully relax. But, unfortunately, they could not get their favourite design or get any cat house in their budget. So, to resolve this issue, we will teach you how to make a DIY cat tent. Don’t worry. This will be a cost-efficient and easy process.


In the next section of the article, let us look at the supplies list essential to making a DIY Cat Tent. The list is as follows:



  • T-shirt
  • Cardboard Piece
  • Two Hangers

Steps To Make A DIY Cat Tent

Step 1: The first step is to take two hangers and gently cut down the twisted or curved ends.

Cut the Hangers

Cutting the Hangers Edges

Step 2: Then, shape the hangers. It should look in the following manner.

Shape the Hangers + Reinforce the Cardboard If Needed

Arranging the Hangers

Step 3: Then, cover the edges of the cardboard with tape or duct tape. Once the cardboard box is appropriately covered, make tiny holes on all four corners.

Poke a Hole in Each Corner

Covering the Box and Making the Holes

Step 4: The fourth step is to take both the hangers and then arrange them in the following manner. Once it is attached, wrap its endings with the help of tape.

Tape the Two Hangers Together

Arranging the Hangers like Pyramid

Step 5: After fixing the hangers, gently insert both the hangers-on all the four corners.

Tape the Two Hangers Together

Fixing the Hangers

Step 6: Once you place the hangers inside the hole, gently bend the corners of the hangers.

Bend the Ends and Tape Them Down

Placing the Hangers in Holes

Step 7: Once you bend the corners, then attach them by using tape.

Bend the Ends and Tape Them Down

Bending the Edges and Attaching a Tape

Step 8: Once you stick the tape on all the corners, rotate it and check everything is appropriately fixed.

Check and Make Sure Everything's Lined Up

Rotating the Base

Step 9: The last step is to insert the T-shirt.

Create the Tent!

DIY Cat Tent


  • We recommend you to use an old T-shirt to do this DIY project.

Things To Remember

  • Take care of your hands while cutting and fixing the edges of the hanger.


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