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We all know that coloured crayons serve an important role in capturing the attention of most restless children. Hence it becomes important to carry them all the time. But still, what’s the need for a wallet, right? Well, you choose a crayon wallet because it can nearly always write, and if it’s wrapped in a piece of paper, it won’t damage the other items in your wallet. But what if you can make a permanent solution for this? Yes, that is a DIY crayon wallet, that of a piece of cloth. Keep reading this post to learn how to make a DIY crayon wallet.


Find and look for these below-mentioned materials if you really want to make a wallet for your crayons.


  • Sewing machine
  • All pin


Steps To Make A DIY Crayon Wallet

Follow the steps carefully and learn the easy steps.

Step 1: Start with two pieces of cloth. Take two rectangles. Place one over the other.

Cut two cloth piece

Step 2: Use a sewing machine and sew both the pieces together. Make sure to choose two good colour combinations.

Sew together

Step 3: Now, take a ruler and mark straight lines with the help of a pen or pencil. Once you’re done, you have to sew those lines.

Make lines

Step 4: Place the lines on the sewing machine one by one and sew them. Make sure to use the machine straightforwardly. Move your hand slowly once your piece is sewed.

Sew the lines

Step 5: Now flip the cloth over. Check whether borders are all sewed or not.

Flip it over

Step 6: Make a cloth handle. Choose a good shape and cut it out. Once you’re done, sew it with the wallet.

Attach handle

Step 7: Now, once you’re done with everything just use an iron and press it.


Step 8: And that’s it. Here’s your cloth crayon wallet ready to use.

How To Make A DIY Crayon Wallet

DIY Crayon wallet


Keep the following things in mind while making this wallet for placing your crayons.

  • Use a sewing machine with care.
  • Make sure to take proper measurements.
  • While making straight lines, make sure your crayons can enter those spaces.

And that’s it. You just have to follow the above mentioned easy steps, and you can easily make a personal crayon wallet for your kids. Hope this post on how to make a DIY crayon wallet would have been helpful to you.


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