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Making a house from Ice cream stick is quite a fun DIY task to do. You can make this house for your science project, create a showpiece or gift it to your friend. All you need is some stuff which is readily available to anyone.


Before moving ahead, try to gather all the required materials in one place to avoid any mishap.


  • Glue gun
  • Crafting knife
  • A marker


  • Ice cream sticks around 100
  • Wasted newspaper
  • Cardboard or a wooden block of dimensions 25×25.
  • Origami papers
  • Poster colours

Steps To Make A DIY Ice Cream Stick House

Step 1: Before preparing this model, place an old newspaper or a brown sheet to avoid the spread or spilling of glue or colours at any place.

before preparing

Step 2: Take the ice cream sticks and make four different squares of four sticks, glueing the four sticks altogether.

four sticks altogether

Note: apply the glue carefully to prevent ice cream sticks from sticking on the brown paper.

Step 3: Now, fill the square by pasting other sticks on the square sticks carefully. Try to avoid the spacing. Here you have prepared the four walls of the house.

four walls of the house

Step 4: Now, make triangles with the help of the three ice cream sticks.

three ice cream sticks

Step 5: Make three more squares like the walls out of the sticks to complete the roof and attach the triangles to it with the assistance of adhesive.

assistance of adhesive

Step 6: Cut out the door and windows in the wall by making proper markings.

proper markings

Step 7: Stick the walls altogether.

sticks wall together

Step 8: Stick the walls and roof together and place them on a cardboard or a wooden block.

wooden block

Step 9: To decorate the house use poster colours and colour them.

How To Make A DIY Ice Cream Stick House


  • Make use of either newspaper or brown paper to prevent the spill of colours or glue.
  • Try to make use of a glue gun to be sure the material is appropriately glued.
  • Using poster colour instead of watercolours for a better look

Points to remember

Handle the tools with care.



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