How To Make A DIY Mini Electric Table Saw

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The mini electric table saw helps students cut the wooden piece and other craft material in their crafts and make models. In this tutorial, we will show you how to make a DIY mini electric table saw at home by using easily available material.


To make a DIY mini electric table saw at home, we need some tools and materials, which are listed below;


  • Drill machine
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cutter
  • Small saw blade


  • Bended steel plates
  • Circular wooden piece
  • Steel glue
  • Small wooden pieces
  • Marker
  • Screws
  • Movable screw
  • Engine oil
  • Steel plates
  • DC motor
  • Battery (3.7V)

Steps To Make A DIY Mini Electric Table Saw

To make the mini electric table saw, just follow these steps carefully.

Step 1: Take a small steel plate and saw blade and mark its outline.

Step 2: Make holes in the steel plate using a drill machine.

Step 3: Cut the excess part of the plate. Bend all the steel parts with a blade (as shown in the circle-shaped picture).

 Step 4: Make the six holes in a wooden piece and fix the screw in them.

Step 5: Take a curved steel plate and DC motor. Fix it in the cardboard using a drill machine and screw.

Step 6: Take a circle-shaped wooden piece and rectangular-shaped steel plate.

Step 7: Make holes in them using a drill machine.

Step 8: Fix the steel plate with a circled wooden piece with a screw.

Step 9: Attach the wooden piece to the motor shaft and secure it with iron sheet glue.

Step 10: Attach the blade to the other hole of the plate and fix it with the screw.

Step 11: Cut the rectangular wooden piece measuring the size of the plate and attach these pieces using the hot glue gun.

Step 12: Cut a wooden piece (as shown in the picture).

Paste the small bent steel plate in it using glue.

Step 13: Make a hole in the small cuboid-shaped wooden piece using a drill machine and attach a movable screw to the hole.

Step 14: Slightly remove the blade and check if the blade fixes on the wooden piece.

Step 15: Attach the movable screw wooden piece in it.

Step 16: Fix again on the circles wood.

Step 17: Fix the wooden piece on the top of the drill machine and screw.

Step 18: Drip some engine oil on the blade to make a smooth movement.

Step 19: Now, attach the low voltage battery (3.7V) with the motor wire.

You’ll observe that the saw blade starts working. It can cut all the wooden pieces used in crafts.


This tutorial will help students understand the working and construction principle of electric saw and how to make mini electric saw tables at home using readily available material.

Things To Remember

  • Take the help of an adult while working with a drill machine.
  • Be careful while working with steel plates and blades.
  • Use the leftover wooden pieces and steel plates from previous crafts or materials, which are easily available at home.



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