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To learn how to make a DIY pocket fan, read this post thoroughly.

But one may ask what’s the need for these paper pocket fans. Well, Pocket fans come in very handy in a variety of situations. While you’re waiting for the train, why not get some fresh air? Take your folding fan out of your purse and use it. Or, imagine you are becoming a little too hot when jogging? Take the portable fan out of your pocket. Whoa! Sounds awesome, right!

You will agree that it’s impossible for us to stay at home every day. Or, I would say, it’s impossible to have a fan on roads. Right? And in that scenario, if you have a handy fan in your pocket which you can use easily without electricity. It’s fun and relaxing, trust me.

In other words, summers will be here soon, and whether you enjoy the sun or prefer cooler temps, it’s crucial to stay cool on those hot days. So, forget about those old clunky, flimsy, and perhaps deadly models. As of late making, handheld pocket fans have become quite simple.

Now that you are convinced, keep reading this post and learn the steps.


To make a beautiful pocket fan, you’ll need these materials.



  • Paper
  • Colors
  • Popsicle stick
  • Glue

Steps To Make A DIY Pocket Fan

Read the steps thoroughly and make your pocket fan so that you can enjoy it even in summer.

Step 1: Gather the materials. You’ll need yellow sheets. You can choose the color as per your preference.

Gather materials

Gather materials

Step 2: Now, take three sheets and fold them upward and downward. Hold it for a minute so that it’ll look something like shown in the image.

Fold paper

Step 3: Now, join the ends of each of the three sheets. Use glue and attach them. After joining the sheets, join the three sheets together to make a circle.

Glue them

Step 4: Once you’re done, attach a popsicle stick on both ends, and here you have it.

DIY Pocket Fan


  • Measure correctly: Make sure the measure is taken correctly to fit right into place.

So now that you are aware of the steps, just gather all the materials and make one. It’s just about 5-10 minutes of work, and you’ll have a pocket fan in your pocket or purse.

Or, it’s easy to make and handle, so why not have one? I hope this blog on how to make a DIY pocket fan will have helped you.


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