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It’s a wonderful opportunity to spend time with friends and family by enjoying yourself at home. Try making this lovely piece of art for your family’s dinner table if it needs a little brightening up. The pastel pink color palette gives this product a stylish and pulled-together vibe, despite the fact that it is made of only two materials. When your visitors gasp and ahh over how detailed this artwork seems when it’s laid on a table, the quick tutorial on how to make a DIY table Runner can be your hidden treasure.


Crafting a DIY table runner is a snap if you get all of the necessary components onboard. If you would like to make your own DIY table runner, you’ll need to have the following elements:



  • Pastel-colored felt sheets

Steps To Make A DIY Table Runner

Let’s all get going on creating a DIY table runner now that you have the materials required. Creating your DIY table runner will be simple if you follow the correct procedures:

Step 1: To begin, trim each 9″ × 12″ piece of fabric into 12 strands, each measuring 9″ x 1″. If you do not have any accessibility to a paper trimmer, trim the strips with a ruler and scissors or a rotating cutter.

Cut strips

Step 2: Then, as indicated, arrange 6 strips of this hue in a diagonal arrangement. Then pick a new color and arrange six strips of that color adjacent to the first six strips. Apply a dab of glue to the first strip’s upper end.

Put glue dot

Step 3: As you glue, begin laying out your cross strips. The cross segments should join the initial strips at the front, then cross two slices and join the base of the following strip. Each upper and bottom connection of two strips will require a dot of adhesive.

Join the ends

Step 4: Once you’ve set out all of your colors and placed all of the cross strands at the front and base, use an adhesive to add a dot of glue to the spots where the strands cross in the middle of the runner.

Secure the centers

Step 5: Cut the surplus felt off of either side of the table runner when you’re happy with the size and all of your glue locations are secured.

Trim the ends

Step 6: Your table runner is all set to get laid on your pretty table.

DIY Table Runner


  • Beware with sharp objects: Keep your eyes open while using the cutter and scissors as a slight distraction can cause serious cuts and injuries.
  • Be attentive with hot equipment: Use the hot glue gun carefully as it can cause you serious burns and injuries if not used well.

You’re welcome to try it on your own here. Now it’s up to you to come up with something new. Four easy directions, you already know how to make a DIY table runner. So seize the opportunity and see what unfolds.


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