How To Make A DIY Tesla Coil

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Many people love to read about Nikol Tesla and wish to perform experiments like him. In today’s article, we will perform one of the popular experiments performed by Nikol Tesla. Thus, we will learn about how to make a DIY Tesla Coil. Let us begin.


Let us walk through the supplies list required to make a DIY Tesla Coil.


  • Ruler
  • Marker
  • Hack Saw
  • Drill Machine
  • Glue Gun
  • Cutter
  • Soldering Gun
  • Cutter


  • PVC Pipe
  • 28AWG Copper Wire
  • 2N2222 Transistor
  • 2.2k ohm Resistor
  • 9v Battery and Connector
  • ON-OFF Switch
  • Construction Paper or Strong Cardboard
  • Wire
  • 9 Volt Battery
  • Silver Foil Sheet
  • Small Plastic Ball
  • Light Bulb

Steps To Make A DIY Tesla Coil

Step 1: The first step is to take a PVC Pipe and measure it to 9 cm. Once you measure it mark it with the help of a marker.

Marking on PVC Pipe

Step 2: The second step is to cut the PVC pipe by using a hack saw.

Cutting the PVC Pipe

Step 3: Mark the ends of the pipes.

Marking Points on the Endings

Step 4: Now, drill one end of the pipe with the help of a drill machine

Drilling the Ends

Step 5: Now take a 28AWG Copper Wire and insert it through the pipe

Inserting a Copper Wire

Step 6: Apply some glue and stick the wire inside

Sticking the Copper wire

Step 7: Wrap and cover the entire PVC pipe with the copper wire.

Wrapping the entire wire with Copper Wire

Step 8: once you complete wrapping the pipe, cut the additional wire and once again insert a new wire from the other point of the PVC pipe and stick it.

Attaching an Additional Copper Wire

Step 9: Now, stick the PVC pipe on the cardboard base.

Sticking the PVC Pipe on the Cardboard

Step 10: Now, take a 2N2222 Transistor and stick it on the base

Sticking the Transistor on the Cardboard

Step 11: Take a 2.2k ohm Resistor and solder it with the other open end of the copper wire.

Solder the Copper wire with Resistor

Step 12: Solder the copper wire and 2.2k ohm Resistor with the 2N2222 Transistor, as shown below.

Solder the connected copper wire and resistor with Transistor

Step 13: Insert a wire on the wrapped PC Pipe and connect it with the transistor.

Covering the PVC Pipe with a Wire

Step 14: The next step is to connect the switch with the resistor and then connect its other end with the wire connected with the PVC Pipe.

Connecting PVC wire with Switch

Step 15: Now place the 9 Volt battery on the surface and attach its head with the resistor.

Placing 9-Volt Battery on the Cardboard

Step 16: Take a plastic ball and cover it with the silver foil sheet.

Covering the Plastic Ball with Foil Sheet

Step 17: Connect the ball with the copper wire and then stick it on the PVC Pipe.

Placing the Ball on the PVC Pipe

Step 18: The last step is to darken the room. Once the room is darkened, turn on the switch, then take a light and get it close to the coil.

DIY Tesla Coil

Things To Remember

  • Make sure you make all the connections appropriately.
  • Make sure you cover the PVC pipe and ball tightly.
  • Cut the additional copper wire and silver foil sheet.


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