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We all know that nowadays, it can be difficult to get children involved in an activity that does not include some type of electronic gadget in today’s technology-driven environment. And so we are here with this guide on how to make a dome dew.

Yes, kids love playing video games. But trust us, they love paper crafts as well. We see how families usually appear to be always on the move, juggling various activities and social commitments. And they barely get time to spend with them. But with these papercraft activities, they can spend time with their kids.

Paper crafts help children to sketch, tear, glue, and paint, among other dexterity-building activities. These activities improve children’s fine motor abilities and their capacity to focus for longer periods.

Also, Papercrafts allow kids to express themselves in a completely creative setting. With paper crafts, they don’t have to follow a strict process and can allow their imaginations to run wild. So, read out this post quickly and learn these steps.


To make a beautiful paper dome dew, you must gather these materials.



  • Paper
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Pencil

Steps To Make A Dome Dew

Step 1: Take out a white paper. With the use of a compass, draw a big circle.

Draw circle

Step 2: Make a small circle inside the big one. Then, take out the ruler, and start dividing the circle with straight lines.

Divide circle

Step 3: Make another circle bigger than the small circle.

Make another circle

Step 4: Now, put the compass’ one end of the second circle and start making an arc as shown in the picture.

Make arcs

Step 5: Erase the middle paper.

Erase middle part

Step 6: Use a cutter and start cutting the arcs.

Cut the arcs

Step 7: Try and slightly push out the circle from the middle.

Push out dome

Step 8: And your amazing dome dew is already.

Dome dew


While making this, keep these things in mind:

  • Use a paper cutter with care. Or it could injure your hand.
  • Make sure that you are not separating the paper from the rest of the sheet.
  • Use the compass nicely.

Well, now that you know the steps of how to make a dome dew, it’s your turn to try it at home. Make one and put it in your room. You can even amaze your other friends with this.


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