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Even if they are tucked away in a corner, dustbins play a vital role in households. It assists us in keeping the house clean by containing all types of rubbish. But have you considered creating your own garbage can? If that’s the case, we’re going to make your job easier. We’re going to learn how to make a Dustbin from cardboard today. So stick together and read on to find out more.




  • Cardboard
  • Colorful sheets or charts
  • Tape
  • Wooden stick

Steps To Make A Dustbin From Cardboard

Let’s get started on creating a dustbin now that you have the materials list. Your dustbin will be incredibly simple to make if you follow the instructions exactly:

Step 1: Cut out the shapes from the cardboard as shown in the picture of the written measurements.

Cut out the shapes

Step 2: Join the pieces as shown with the help of tape and cover the whole joint piece with colorful sheets.

cover the shapes

Cover the shapes

Step 3: Now, glue the ends of the joint piece to make a box-like figure.

paste the corners

Paste the corners

Step 4: Take the 10.5×10.5 cardboard piece and cover it with colorful sheets. Paste it at the bottom to make the base of the box.

attach the base

Attach the base

Step 5: Cut out a 9×13 cardboard piece and paste a colorful sheet onto it. Fold it in the middle from the longer side.

cut out the piece

Cut out the top piece

Step 6: Now, take the wooden stick and paste it on the top of the cardboard box with the help of glue.

paste the stick

Paste the stick

Step 7: Put the folded cardboard piece on top of the stick paste in between the box. Paste a small folded sheet on the inside of the folded top piece to secure it.

attach the top piece

Attach the top piece

Step 8: Decorate it anyhow you like. Your dustbin is all ready to go and eat garbage.




  • Beware of sharp objects: Be attentive while using the scissors or cutter or take the help of your parents if you’re a kid as these can cause serious harm or injuries.
  • Make sure to handle the electric equipment carefully: Keep your eyes open while using the hot glue gun as this can cause burns.

You can now try it on your own. It’s your turn to be creative. Following these basic steps will teach you how to make a dustbin from cardboard. So grab the opportunity and see what happens.




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