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You’ve probably been in a situation when you’ve been stumped as to how to make your kid happy. It might be challenging to think of ways to gratify kids at times. Here’s a typical response to this question: By art and craft. In this DIY tutorial, we will learn how to make a Ferris wheel from straw.

Yes, you read that correctly!!!

Well, we all know that nothing beats a good craft if you are bored. Furthermore, making items with your own hands, especially from the comfort of your couch, gives you a great sense of accomplishment.

Now Is it true that your kid enjoys watching the Ferris wheel? If this is the case, you can give your child a fascinating Ferris wheel to make him happy. You must be thinking how?

This step-by-step guide will help you in making the Ferris wheel through straws. Read and continue to learn how to make a Ferris wheel.


The following are the items you’ll need to create a spectacular Ferris wheel:



  • Straws
  • Colorful papers/Origami Sheets
  • Cardboard
  • Wooden sticks
  • Popsicle sticks

Steps To Make A Ferris Wheel From Straw

Now that you have the material list let’s get started on making a stunning Ferris wheel. If you correctly follow the instructions, your lovely Ferris wheel will be super easy to make:

Step 1: Firstly cut two circles out of the cardboard and draw four diametric lines on them to divide them into 8 different parts.

divide into eight parts

Divide into eight parts

Step 2: Glue the lines drawn and paste straws on them at a distance from the center. Shorten the straws afterward accordingly. Repeat the process and make a similar circular piece.

paste the straws

Paste the straws

Step 3: Now, take the origami sheets and make eight small boxes out of them. Put small paper handles on each of them. You can also take ready-made boxes if available.

make small boxes

Make small boxes

Step 4: Cut out two circular sheets a little bigger than the cardboard one and paste them onto them (circular pieces). Paste the excess paper inwards.

paste the circular sheets

Paste the circular sheets

Step 5: Now, take three wooden sticks and attach their edges with a hot glue gun to make a triangle out of them. Repeat the process and make one more copy.

attach the sticks

Attach the sticks

Step 6: Then, insert a long toothpick stick in the middle of the circular cardboard and pass it through the other one to attach them. Glue them for security. Cut eight short straws the size of the distance between the two cardboard pieces. Attach ends of the straws from the cardboard pieces to join the Ferris wheel.

insert the toothpicks

Insert the toothpick

Step 7: Join the base of the wooden triangles with the help of sticks. Put the joint cardboard piece on the top of the triangle. Put a popsicle stick on the outer part of the toothpick and glue it. That would work as a handle.

attach the handle

Attach the handle

So there you have it, your incredible Ferris wheel, all ready to go. After your kids are finished playing with it, you can use it to decorate their room.

ferris wheel

Ferris Wheel


It is fun to make things with our hands, but there are some things to keep in mind so that there are no errors:

  1. Handle with care: If you’re making it with your children, keep an eye out for potentially harmful things like scissors and hot glue and put them out of reach.
  2. Apply less glue: Be careful with the amount of glue you use, as applying more than is necessary will ruin all of your work and effort.
  3. Take measures appropriately: Carefully measure your straws before trimming them, as even a slight discrepancy in length can lead them not to fit together correctly.

Now feel free to try it on your own. It is your chance to impress your child. By following these easy steps, you can learn how to make a Ferris wheel from straw. So go ahead and give it a try.




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