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Are you a music fanatic? If yes, do you want to learn how to make a fruit piano? Umm… You’re going to learn the steps today, so don’t fret. So, what is a fruit piano, exactly? It’s a fruit piano when you turn a fruit into a musical instrument. For instance, what if you had a banana and could change it into a piano? You heard it right, and you can turn bananas into a piano.

It’s an electrical process. However, it’s not hard at all if you have all the necessary materials and you can follow the steps thoroughly. You can call it easy wirework.

Now follow these below-written steps and make your piano yourself.


To make a Fruit Piano, you’ll need a few things and bananas.



  • Small speaker
  • Jumper wires
  • Resistors
  • Arduino
  • Small breadboard
  • Banana (6-8)

Steps To Make A Fruit Piano

You are just supposed to follow these steps, and you’ll have a banana piano in your hand.

Step 1: Let’s understand the whole concept with the help of the image shown below. Take a small breadboard. Here you’re supposed to attach resistors. Add six resistors. Make sure you’re putting it in the same position.

Add resistors

Step 2: Now, take a jumper wire. You’ll use the wire and connect it to the Arduino.

Take out Arduino

Step 3: Now attach the Arduino and the board with a jumper wire. Also, attach each resistor with the pins. Take out a small speaker. Attach the speaker with a power hole. Also, attach the other speaker wire to the pin below. Use another wire and connect it to the Arduino.


Step 4: With the use of alligator clips, attach the bananas. You are allowed to use as much as you want. Now the only thing you’re supposed to do is to touch one end of the wire and tap on the

Attach bananas

Step 5: Well, your real model should look something like this. It may seem messy, but it’s gonna work.

Banana model

Here’s your bananiano ready!


While making banana piano, remember these:

  • Make sure that you have some adult beside you if you’re a kid making a banana piano.
  • Don’t use wet hands.

And your fruit Piano is going to be ready to use and play. I hope this guide on how to make a Fruit Piano will have helped you.


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