How To Make A Garden Sprayer Using A Nebulizer

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This tutorial will show you how to make a garden sprayer using a nebulizer. Air pressure from the nebulizer will spray the water from the pipe. The principle of making a garden sprayer using a nebulizer depends on the air pressure and thermodynamics. This tutorial will help students understand the concept and working principle of the garden sprayers and how they can be made using readily available material at home.


To make a garden sprayer, we need some tools and materials, which is listed below; 


  • Soldering iron 
  • Pipe 


  • Old nebulizer with pipe
  • 2l plastic bottle
  • Bottlecap 

Steps To Make A Garden Sprayer Using A Nebulizer

To make a garden sprayer, you just need to follow these steps, which are listed below; 

Step 1: First, make two holes in the bottle cap using a soldering iron.

Step 2: Connect the nebulizer pipe with another plastic pipe. 

Connecting Nebulizer pipe with plastic pipe

Step 3: Now, fix the ends of the pipe in the cap and close the bottle with this cap. 

Step 4: Push one of the pipes to the bottle’s end.

Putting Pipe inside the bottle 

Step 5: Connect the pipe with a nebulizer and switch it on. Finally, when you switch on the nebulizer, air creates pressure, and it will spray the water from the pipe with pressure. 


Garden Sprayer Using Nebulizer

Things To Remember

  • Take the help of an adult while using a nebulizer. 
  • Use an old nebulizer already available at home instead of buying it. 

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