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When looking for a gift for a loved one, many of us turn to Google or Pinterest for inspiration. It can be confusing to come up with something unique and special to give to all of the people who matter in our lives, which is why a gift basket is an ideal option. And what if you can learn how to make a gift basket at home?

Umm… I guess then it’s great because you won’t have to spend money and it would be more special if you’d make something with your hands. This is the reason why we came up with this DIY.

So, now don’t hunt for other gifts and make one for each of your special people. Read this post quickly to know the steps.


To make a beautiful gift basket to give someone on their birthday, you just need these basic materials.


  • Scissors


  • Black Chart
  • Cardboard
  • Tape
  • Red chart
  • Balloons
  • Happy birthday tag
  • Ribbon

Steps To Make A Gift Basket

Here are the necessary steps to follow to make a beautiful gift basket.

Step 1: Take out shoebox cardboard. Remove the covers. It should look like an open basket.


Step 2: Now cover the shoebox from black chart paper. Using black paper would make it seem more beautiful. Cover it nicely.

Cover the cardboard

Step 3: Now, take another plain cardboard. It should be rectangular. You have to cover it again with a black chart.

Cover with chart

Step 4: Now paste the happy birthday tag on it.

Paste tag

Step 5: You have to place this cardboard-like shown in the image below.

Fix it

Step 6: Now, take 10-15 balloons and blow them. It should look something like this. You’ll use it for decorating your box.


Step 7: Take a red chart paper and place it inside the shoebox.

Red chart paper

Step 8: Now, place the rectangular cardboard again in the shoe box.

Place it inside

Step 9: Add a ribbon and tie it around the box so that it’ll look nicer.

Tie ribbon

Step 10: And your gift basket is ready. Put all the gifts inside the box.

Gift basket


While making this gift basket, please keep a few things in mind.

  • Choose a heavy shoe box.
  • Use good quality balloons.
  • Use a new black chart.

So, now you know that the steps are simple, right? And so you can easily make one for your special ones. I hope this guide on how to make a gift basket would have helped you.


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