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A pinwheel is a traditional child’s toy that resembles a miniature wheel with a handle. Pinning a folded sheet of paper to the end of a stick is the most simple method of manufacturing them. And so, we are here with this guide on how to make a glowing pinwheel.

It’s like: the crumpled paper will spin when the device is held up to the wind. Pinwheels are now available in a wide range of color combinations, sizes, and materials. Kids love to buy it. But Making it at home, by the way, is even more enjoyable.

Pinwheel tutorials can be available in craft books and on the Internet. Also, children are frequently taught how to construct them in school. It requires only a few minutes to make and simply a few simple ingredients. So, why don’t you read this entire post to learn those simple steps?


Firstly let us know what all are the requirements to make this D



  • Square sheet
  • Glue

Step To Make A Glowing Pinwheel

Step 1: To begin, cut a square sheet of paper in half. You are free to use any size of paper. Make a large pinwheel out of a large square of paper.

Square sheet

Step 2: Draw four vertical lines from the square’s corners to its center. Place a ruler in the top left corner of the paper and extend it to the bottom right corner. Trace a clean line using the ruler as a guide. Rep this process for the top right and bottom left corners.

Draw diagonals

Step 3: Each line should be cut halfway through. Your pinwheel will come apart if you cut to the center.

Cut diagonals

Step 4: Every other corner should be brought to the center. Short, spiky corners and long, narrow corners will be present on your page. Make sure that only the long, slender corners are folded to the middle.

Fold it to center

Step 5: Make a hole in the center with a pushpin. Make sure the pin runs through the middle of the paper and catches all four corners.

Add a pushpin

Step 6: In the dowel, drill a pilot hole. Place the pinwheel on the dowel and press it down.

Attach a wooden stick


  • Make nice creases: You should make smooth creases to make your art piece look beautiful and the same.

The steps are easy, right? I mean, having a pinwheel is more fun in winters when there’s a high flow of wind. So why not make one for yourself to enjoy the weather with these glowing pinwheels?

Get ready and give this glowing pinwheel a try. I hope this guide on how to make a glowing pinwheel would have been helpful.


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