How To Make A Go-Kart Using PVC Pipe

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Go-Kart is always fun-loving and enjoyable to play. It is always enjoyed by older people and kids, so we will learn how to make a Go-Kart using PVC Pipe in today’s article. Let us begin.


Now, we will look at the list of supplies required to make a Go-Kart Using PVC Pipe. The list is as follows:


  • Door Hinge
  • Ball Bearing
  • Cloth
  • Glue


Steps To Make A Go-Kart Using PVC Pipe

Step 1: The first step is to connect all the PVC pipes and form a structural base.

Arranging the PVC Base

Step 2: The second step is to take a wooden frame and cut it according to the required base size.

Arranging the Wooden Base

Step 3: The third step is to place, adjust and set the PVC Pipe on the wooden frame.

Placing the PVC Pipe Base on Wooden Base

Step 4: In the fourth step, you should take four wheels and arrange them on the base structure.

Arranging Four Wheels

Step 5: Once you are done attaching the wheels, the next step is to fix the motor.

Arrange the Wheel on Base Structure Also Attach Motor to It

Fixing the Motor

Step 6: The following step is to make a tuning mechanism for the Go-Kart.

Setting the Turing Mechanism

Step 7: The next step is to attach the steering to the Go-Kart.

Attaching the Steering

Step 8: Once you are done with the structure, the next step is to attach the power source, so now your role is to fix the battery, followed by the speed controller.

Attach the Battery and Speed Controller

Fixing the Battery

Step 9: Attach the seat over the power source of the Go-kart.

Attach Seat to Go Kart

Attaching the Seat

Step 10: Once you are done connecting all the pieces and connections, simply clean them, and you are ready to enjoy your Go-Kart.

Go-Kart Using PVC Pipe


  • You can design and paint the Go-kart according to the wish list.
  • We recommend you fix a soft seat

Things To Remember

  • Make sure all the connections are appropriately attached and connected.
  • Before riding the Go-Kart, clean it once with the help of a clean cloth.


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