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Youngsters love to celebrate Halloween, the first holiday of the fall season. But what if you can learn how to make a Halloween ghost? Yes, your kids won’t be able to show off their well-planned costumes to their best potential, but there’s still plenty to do with only your close family or trusted pod members. But then you can still celebrate at home by partying with family members. And it’s more fun when you’ll make DIY pumpkins and ghosts to decorate your home. Right?

In this post, you’ll read how to make Halloween ghosts. Well, Halloween is known for its spooky nature. And if there’s no spooky decoration, then everything is just a waste.

You can hang these small little ghosts on your doors and windows. So, without any delay, just go on reading this post.


So, if you have decided to make a Halloween ghost, these materials are needed.


  • Wire
  • Scissors (if needed)


  • Cloth
  • Glue
  • Ball
  • Bottle
  • Marker

Steps To Make A Halloween Ghost

To make a Halloween ghost, you’ll have to follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Take a bottle and remove its cap. Now take a wire and roll it around the mouth of the bottle.

Screw the wire

Step 2: You have to adjust the wire in shape shown in the image.

Adjust the wire

Step 3: Now, take a small ball and put it in the mouth of the bottle.

Ball in the mouth

Step 4: Now, put the glue in the water. You have to make a wet paste.

Put glue in water

Step 5: Then, put the cloth in the glue water.

Place the cloth in the water

Step 6: Now, put the cloth on the wire. It should look like a ghost hand.

Put the cloth

Step 7: Make the face on the cloth. You have to make two eyes and a mouth.

Mark eyes

Step 8: And your Halloween ghost is ready.

Halloween ghost


While making this cloth ghost, keep these things in mind:

  • Use the wire carefully.
  • Don’t leave your cloth in glue water for a long time.

Okay, so, now that you know the steps, go and make a few to decorate your home. Make this Halloween more special now that you know how to make a Halloween ghost.


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