How To Make A Hydraulic Lift For Science Project

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If you want to make a hydraulic lift, you’re going in the right direction for your science project. Making a hydraulic lift is an exciting task to do. All you need is to gather some material mentioned below, and your hydraulic lift is ready to rock. This tutorial will assist you through the steps of how to make a hydraulic lift for a science project.


Before making anything, it’s pretty much better to gather all the required stuff in one place to avoid any fuss.


Materials required

  • Plywood base or cardboard
  • Two 10 ml syringes
  • Two 20 ml syringes
  • Two wooden bars
  • Two 10 mm thin plywood bases
  • Tube
  • Tube connector

Steps To Make A Hydraulic Lift For Science Project

Step 1:  Place down the plywood base or the cardboard and glue two wooden bars to it at some distance to make a stand. Look at the picture for reference.

                                    place down the plywood    


Step 2:  Connect the syringes one 20 ml syringe with one 10 ml syringe simultaneously through the tube.

20 ml syringe

Step 3:  Now, glue it and stick it to the wooden stand.

wooden stand

Step 4:  Now cut two 10 ml thin square-shaped Plywood to hold the load. And stick it under the syringe.

                                              10 ml thin square

      thin square      

Step 5:  Now repeat the steps to prepare the opposite side and your hydraulic lift is ready.

lift is ready

Step 6:  Now, put the load at the centre of the plywood base and check the upward and downward movement by pumping the syringe.

hydraulic lift for science project

And you are ready with your Hydraulic Lift science project.


  • Make sure you’re using the old syringes which are not in use.
  • If you find something difficult, take the guidance of an adult.
  • Make use of a glue gun where necessary otherwise, you can also use adhesive.

Points to remember

  • Work carefully with cutter and scissors
  • Apply proper amount of glue


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